Cannabinoids for Dogs

All about Cannabinoids for Dogs

All about Cannabinoids for Dogs

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Cannabinoids are a form of hemp that are a great way to treat pets for certain ailments. It’s not exactly marijuana—and thus is not subject to as much regulation. Read on to learn why Cannabinoids for dogs might be a great option for your pet. Or skip and buy some at


What are Cannabinoids for Dogs?

Cannabinoids are chemicals extracted from the marijuana plant, and there are over 60 different types. The two main types are classified as either cannabidiol (CBD) or tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). You may be familiar with these two categories—CBDs are almost always used in a medicinal way, whereas THC is what you’d generally use recreationally, to “get high”.

You can view all the different types of cannabinoids here (or below). As you can see, CBD is highly effective at treating a wide array of health problems that your dog might be experiencing. Additionally, most types of Cannabinoids listed below are great at reducing inflammation (even THC). This would come in useful for older dogs that might be experiencing arthritis.

All about Cannabinoids for Dogs

If you see an ailment in the chart above that is something your dog is experiencing, you may want to try cannabinoids. They are a gentle type of treatment with very few side effects—usually the most common side effect is sleepiness. Often your pet will experience almost immediate pain relief—but for things like inflammation, it will take some time to start showing results.

Where Can I Buy Cannabinoids?

Our favorite place to recommend is Canna-Pet. They offer supplements for both dogs and cats (and even horses). It’s a pretty simple website, as they basically only have one product, and you select the size of your pet and that’s it. It’s a gentle supplement that you feed to your pet daily.

They’re also currently offering 20% off to new customers. Click here to visit.

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