Cannabis Jobs Los Angeles

Cannabis Jobs Los Angeles: Earn as a brand ambassador (+ other Marijuana Jobs in Los Angeles)

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If you’re searching for Cannabis jobs Los Angeles, we have a really unique idea. Weed delivery companies will hire you to promote their services—and our favorite one is KushFly in Los Angeles. They’ll pay you 10% of anything that your referrals buy. Sign up to be a KushFly ambassador here and earn 10%.

Our Favorite Cannabis Jobs Los Angeles

As mentioned above, our favorite choice for Cannabis Jobs Los Angeles is working as a brand ambassador for Kushfly. You can sign up here. There are more details on that page, but basically—you earn 10% of the value of any orders you refer.

So if you refer a friend and he buys $100 of stuff, you earn $10. Or if you post on your facebook page and 3 friends buy a total of $500, you earn $50.

Click here to sign up and try it out.

Other Marijuana Jobs in Los Angeles

There are a multitude of other marijuana jobs in Los Angeles, but our favorites are always the brand ambassador ones. Partly because it means you get a foot in the door for the marijuana industry without having to necessarily leave your current job right away.

For some of these it’s best to sign up as a patient/customer first and give them a try (using the coupons listed below). Then apply to be an ambassador once you know how they work.

First you can check to see which places actually deliver in your area:

Uber for Weed - Delivery Locator


Here’s a Full List:




More General Marijuana Jobs California

We suggest you look at the job or career boards of the sites listed above for more general Marijuana Jobs California. There are also marijuana conventions, both for businesses and for users. These can be a great way to learn about different companies that interest you, and meet people involved.

View Cannabis Festivals Here.

Cannabis Jobs Los Angeles: Earn as a brand ambassador (+ other Marijuana Jobs in California

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