Eaze Up Promo Codes 2017

Use our Eaze Up Promo Codes 2017 and get $60 off you marijuana order!

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Eaze Up Promo Codes 2017

Get $20 off your entire order when you visit Eazeup.com via this discount link.

Eaze Up is one of the biggest weed delivery services online. It’s quick and easy to use and perfect for anyone who wants the convenience of weed delivery at home. Not to mention it is good for anyone uncomfortable with the idea of visiting a dispensary, or unable too. You can get your choice of weed delivered to your door with your privacy and safety intact. Use our Eaze Up Promo Codes 2017 and get $20 off your marijuana order!

My Eaze Review:

I logged onto the Eaze website and instantly I was able to have a video conference with a doctor in order to get my medical marijuana recommendation. It didn’t feel sketchy at all, in fact, the doctor was super nice. The entire process of getting the medical marijuana recommendation took just a few minutes, and I was very comfortable with it. Eaze complies with HIPPA standards, and I knew my information would be kept private.

The best part of the whole process was since I went through the Eaze site to get my recommendation, I didn’t have to wait to receive it in the mail to purchase marijuana. Once I was done speaking with the doctor, I was free to choose from their many dispensaries wide varieties of weed. The company employs delivery people from dispensaries and get you your order in under 30 minutes. The process is similar to ordering food for home delivery, incredibly easy and convenient.

I ordered from Green Breeze, making sure to use my Eaze Up promo codes 2017 for $60 off. I was super happy to find that I received the bud in under 30 minutes! The guy who delivered it was super friendly, and very knowledgeable about marijuana. Eaze is currently available in San Francisco, and newly available in Los Angeles, San Diego and parts of Orange County. But the company is hoping to expand their horizons. They’d like everyone who wants easier access to medical marijuana to have it, and their service to help more people.

Even the most casual weed smoker will find this service and the site incredibly convenient and easy to use. Eaze prides itself on privacy, security, safety and speed. All of which I experienced using their service. No need to visit a sketchy dispensary, no need to risk your privacy and discretion, no need to make a special appointment with a doctor for your recommendation. Eaze took care of everything for me, and it was so easy, I’m still amazed. And quite satisfied with the product, and the entire experience.

Get $60 off your entire order when you click the $20 Eaze discount link here.

Use our Eaze Up Promo Codes 2017 and get $60 off you marijuana order!

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