Eaze Up Promo

Eaze Up Promo Code 2017: Get $20 bonus for weed delivery

Eaze Up is a weed delivery service currently in California. Get $20 credit towards cannabis delivery when you use the Eaze Up promo code $20 link here.
Note: This is the best first time user discount available (the $60 discount offer has now expired)!

Eaze Up Promo

You can currently score $20 on your first cannabis delivery order when you use the discount link located here to sign up. It does not require a code—it automatically applies the $20 credit during signup (you’ll see the notification).

Eaze Up Promo Code 2017: Get $20 bonus for weed delivery

You can also score additional $20 credits when you refer your own friends to Eaze. Every time one of them signs up for a new account and places an order, your account will be credited $20 more. Not too shabby!

ALSO! If you want a ton of other great discounts, simply visit this Weed Coupon Locator and enter your zip code. You can score up to $150 in free weed!

More about the Eaze Delivery Service

Once you’ve signed up for an Eaze account, you can order weed to be delivered straight to where you are. It’s like ordering food from UberEats or something—you’ll have your weed in your hand within an hour.

You currently DO need a medical marijuana license, but you can actually apply for one right on the Eaze website, and receive a PDF digital version within 10 minutes or so. You have to do a quick video call with a doctor, but it’s very painless and they are more than willing to issue you a rec.

Then you can place your orders by viewing all the dispensaries that can deliver to you. You place your order through that specific dispensary, and the Eaze website parses your order through to them and to their delivery people.

Then you just sit back and wait for the delivery to arrive!

More about the Eaze Up Promo Code 2017

The Eaze promo codes used to be actual promo codes, but now they come in the form of signup links. So be sure to sign up for your account using a referral link like this one. It will show you an automatic $20 credit applied to your account.

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