Eaze vs GreenRush

Eaze vs GreenRush : Who has the best weed delivery?

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I no longer recommend Greenrush. Now I recommend using either Eaze or Amuse.

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The battle for the weed delivery industry continues ever onward. With the November 8 ballot, there is a lot on the line for these different companies. Let’s take a look at the differences between these two companies. Find out who wins with my Eaze vs GreenRush review.

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Pros of Eaze weed delivery:

Eaze or EazeUp, not sure which name they go by. For the sake of this comparison, I will just call them Eaze. This weed delivery company is the big kid on the street. It currently dominates the medical marijuana delivery market. Here are the big reasons Eaze is better than GreenRush.

1. Delivery times:

Eaze has the fastest delivery times around. Unlike GreenRush, Eaze has its own drivers. The Eaze fleet is always on the move, waiting to deliver your marijuana. The drivers work for Eaze and focus on delivering your weed. GreenRush is only responsible for passing your order to the dispensary. It is the dispensary who handles delivering your marijuana. This can lead to some long/non-existent medical marijuana deliveries.

2. Medical marijuana card consultation:

Both Eaze and GreenRush offer cheap Medical marijuana card consultations. Eaze will give you a medical marijuana card for only $30! If you have even been to a doctors office on Venice boardwalk, you know that it can cost over $100. GreenRush also offers a doctor consultation, but they charge $39. If you are only looking for a medical marijuana card, go with Eaze.

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3. Ease of ordering

Yet another one that Eaze wins. Eaze gives the user fewer options, but they have streamlined the process. The Eaze web page determines your location. It then displays the different types of marijuana available to your area. A few clicks and your medical marijuana is on its way. Eaze has made it “Eazy” to order your medical marijuana online.

We compare Eaze Vs GreenRush

Pros of GreenRush Weed Delivery

GreenRush is trailing right behind Eaze, eager to take the front position. If Eaze is the mac of weed delivery, then GreenRush would be the PC. Here are the pros of using GreenRush over Eaze.

1. Location, Location, Location:

GreenRush serves over 800 zip codes in California. That is a huge amount of area that they cover compared to the hundred or so zip codes Eaze delivers to. Arguably this is the most important feature of my Eaze vs GreenRush review.If you live in a more suburban area of a big city, there is a good chance GreenRush is the only service that can reach you.

Use my Weed Delivery zip code locator to find out which weed delivery service delivers to your zip code.


2. Selection, Selection, Selection:

I mentioned above that I liked Eaze’s simple ordering. However, if you enjoy having a lot of options then GreenRush is for you. GreenRush lets you order from any of the dispensaries in your area. I have over 12 different dispensaries that can deliver to my house. Each of those dispensaries has tons of different flowers, edibles, and weed essentials. If you like choice, then GreenRush is for you.

3. Cost of Marijuana:

The sheer number of options is the only reason I am giving this one to GreenRush. Eaze isn’t all that expensive, but they don’t have as many options to choose from. While some of the GreenRush dispensaries cost more than Eaze, many them are cheaper as well. Eaze has a 30% first time user discount code HAPPY100.

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What you should take away from the Eaze vs GreenRush comparison.

Thanks for reading my Eaze vs GreenRush comparison. Both of these weed delivery companies have their own strengths. I would choose Eaze if you are looking for an easy quick way to order your marijuana. They keep it simple and the prices are average with all the other weed delivery companies. I would choose GreenRush if you are a true weed connoisseur. They will have a lot more variety for you to choose from.

The first thing I would do is to use my Weed Delivery Zip code locator and see if either of them even delivers to you first. California is a mess of weed laws and regulations. Different sides of the same street could have different marijuana delivery laws. Enter your zip below and see who delivers to your area!

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