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Eaze and Meadow are similar in what they do. Eaze is larger than Meadow in terms of users. Both companies are great making it is hard to choose one over the other. Instead of telling you which to chose, I will just layout the facts for each. Lets continue onto my Eaze Vs Meadow review.

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Eaze vs Meadow: Find out who is the better weed delivery service.

Weed Delivery

I always like to start this comparisons off encouraging user to try the Weed Zip locator tool. Weed Delivery is heavily dependent on location. There is a chance that only one of these services deliver to your area. Check out the tool below.

Eaze Weed Delivery

Eaze is one of the most well known weed delivery companies in California. They were one of the first to target the more affluent target audience. They have had a great deal of success with their advertising and clean image. They also have a strong Eaze ambassador community pushing their product.

Eaze Prices:

Pricing is hard to compare for each service. Eaze and Meadow prices are based on the dispensaries that supply them. Dispensaries only deliver to certain areas. Different users can get completely different marijuana prices. The only thing that does stay the same is the delivery cost. Eaze charges 0 dollars to deliver the weed to your location.

We have included a few examples of price based on the dispensaries near our location.

1/8 oz


on average 

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1/2 oz


on average 

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Eaze Selection

Eaze has smaller and more manageable list of marijuana. They carry all the usual items like Flowers, oils, edibles, resins and more. They have on average around 40 items per dispensary.

Eaze Promotional offers

Eaze also offers a very competitive discount. Eaze Promo Codes get $20 off for new users.
Eaze is definitely taking a loss with this offer, but getting new users is worth it for them. Make sure to use the Eaze Promo Codes while you can. They will disappear once everyone knows about weed delivery.

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Eaze Delivery Times:

Eaze has some of the fastest delivery times in the industry. They use their own drivers and delivery platform. They deliver marijuana in around 20-30 minutes on average.

Eaze Customer Service:

Eaze is a large company but their customer service is top notch. They know their business depends on the customer being happy. Eaze needs to make it a joy to order weed. Otherwise the customer will go buy it themselves.

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Meadow Weed Delivery

Meadow is a lesser known weed delivery platform. They are growing and expanding every day. Meadow recently started a referral program that is beginning to grow larger.

Meadow Prices

Meadow has a good deal of dispensaries to choose from. The prices vary based on which dispensary. I have tried to find the average price to help you decide.

1/8 oz


on average 

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1/2 oz


on average 

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Meadow Selection

Meadow has a huge selection of marijuana. They deliver flowers, Pre-rolls, edibles, concentrates, topicals, and accessories. Meadow seems to have around 100 items per dispensary. We spent a lot of time during this Eaze Vs Meadow trying to figure out what to order.

Meadow Promotional Offers

Meadow offers $20 off for first time users. The next marijuana order costs the full amount. Meadow is a smaller business so can’t give as big a discount. Make sure to use our Meadow Promo Code when you buy.

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Meadow Delivery times.

Meadow has alright delivery times. They rely on the dispensary to deliver the marijuana to your house. We found it took around 40-60 minutes on average. It’s hard to compete with Eaze who has their own drivers.

Meadow Customer Service

This is where Meadow shines. They take pride in their service and are happy to speak with you. They fixed any problems right away. It’s rare to look forward to speaking with customer service.

Eaze Vs Meadow : Conclusion

Eaze and Meadow are both great weed delivery services. Eaze marijuana is cheaper and their promo code is worth more. They also deliver about 10-20 minutes faster on average. Meadow is a bit more, but it has some great dispensaries. The selection on Meadow was much larger than Eaze.

I hope you enjoyed the Eaze vs Meadow review. I recommend trying both if you are lucky enough to have each of them deliver. The Eaze promo codes and Meadow Promo codes equal a total of $80!

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