Flow Kana Promo Code

Flow Kana Promo Code: Use our Flow Kana Promo Code and read our review!

Flow Kana Promo Code: Use our Flow Kana Promo Code and read our review!

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Want Flow Kana Promo Code?

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Flow Kana Review

Flow Kana is a new weed delivery system that prides itself on being the first sustainable Sun grown cannabis brand. They deliver to certain areas in California namely: San Francisco, Oakland and Berkeley. Though recently they have spread to Southern California, working with a number of dispensaries there.

They describe themselves as being the clean cannabis movement. On top of being good for the environment,  they promise that they can deliver marijuana in under one hour.  I decided to put this test and have weed delivered to my San Francisco apartment. I made sure to use my Flow Kana Promo Code, then set about ordering my weed.

It took about 40 minutes from the time I hit the order button, until the marijuana delivered at my doorstep. Flow Kana happened to have Medithrive, one of my favorite weed dispensaries on their site. Just like the other weed delivery services such as GreenRush and Eaze, the Pot prices depended on which dispensary you chose from.

Flow Kana is different from the weed delivery service Eaze, because it’s back-end database that works with other dispensaries, allowing them to deliver the marijuana to your house. They are essential the middle man, allowing you to choose from all different strains from tons of dispensaries in one simple site. It is really nice to have everything in one place, even selling sample packs to find what you like to smoke

The big difference about FlowKana though is that they work primarily with community supported agriculture weed farmers. These are farmers who have their own private gardens and are trying to sell to local people.  With full-scale legalization on the horizon, it is important that we don’t overlook the small farms. We need to keep true to our roots and Flow Kana is trying to do that by focusing on the small growers, not the big dispensaries.

Flow Kana Promo Code: Use our Flow Kana Promo Code and read our review!
Flow Kana is focused on the burgeoning clean cannabis movement. Just like the farm the table movement, Flow Kana focuses on bringing you your best the best marijuana with almost zero carbon footprint. It’s why they have such a large following in Berkley. Make sure to check out #cleancannabis and learn all you can about this new marijuana movement!

Head over to flow FlowKana and make sure to use our Flow Kana promo code to check out what weed you can get delivered to your area.

Flow Kana Promo Code: Use our Flow Kana Promo Code and read our review!

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