Weed Delivered to Your House

How to have free Weed Delivered to Your House (legally)

How to have free Weed Delivered to Your House (legally)

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Below we explain how you can get free weed delivered to your house (in California). We share up to $200 in coupons for legal weed delivery services.

First: States that Allow Weed Delivered to Your House

In order for you to legally get weed delivered to your house, it first has to be legal in your state. Some states allow it fully recreationally, whereas others only allow it for medical purposes (you must get a doctor’s recommendation). And there are still a few states where it is entirely banned.

View the list of states that allow for marijuana usage.

Next: How to get Free Weed Delivered in California

So, you’re in one of the states where marijuana is legal. Sweet!

As we’re located in California, we’re going to explain how to get free weed delivered in California specifically. However, we are sure that there are similar services in other states (and we’ll be updating soon with them).

First of all, you should find out which weed deliver companies deliver to your zip code. You can do so by using the zip locator below (click on it to enter your zip code).

Use our Weed Delivery Zip Code Locator to see how much you can save


Next choose whichever company or discount sounds the best to you. Our recommendation? Try all of them, and take advantage of their first-timer discounts (up to $200 total in some zip codes). Then decide for yourself which one is the best.

We actually like all of them, as they have similar products and delivery methods. So it’s just a matter of personal preference!

A Full List of California Weed Delivery Services




We hope that was informative and helpful for finding ways to have weed delivered to your house. There are quite a lot of them!

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  1. I just got legal and I’m really looking for word to smoking one on the porch lol love it any advice on how get a delivery system started . Sence I’ve been clean to get my pain meds it’s been hard now I just can’t wait till 12/1 that’s when I’m allowed to use it for my first purchase you can contact me at dirtandwork4732@gmail.com also what would you recommend for the first porch smoke yep I’m legal to smoke it to can’t do pills.yes it would be nice for the first bag to be free lol but that sort of thing don’t happen to guys like me lol thanks .James Keith

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