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GreenRush is a completely legal way to order medical marijuana. Customers buy weed on and have it delivered minutes later. GreenRush has a huge selection of marijuana and marijuana products. Read our GreenRush review and see just how easy it is.

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GreenRush Walkthrough

I start my GreenRush review at the loading page of The first thing GreenRush asks you to do is enter your location or allow their page to discover it. All the weed delivery companies do this so they can find nearby weed dispensaries for you. Don’t panic if you don’t see a nearby medical marijuana dispensary. There are a bunch of different weed delivery companies who might still deliver to you.

I have created a nice little tool that has all the zip code delivery areas for each company in one place. If you enter you zip into the tool below you can see which weed delivery company delivers to your area.


Good GreenRush location

My location zip code is 94105. I am lucky enough to have many different dispensaries nearby. I counted at least 12 different dispensaries, from FeelGood to SF Green Delivery. Each of the dispensaries has a short description. It tells you how long the delivery will take and the minimum amount you need to spend for delivery.

For my GreenRush review, I decided to choose Sf Green Delivery. There was a chance they could deliver to me in 20 minutes! I am ordering a good amount of marijuana so the $50 minimum is completely fine. Each store has its own weed strains and varieties, so you could spend hours figuring out what you want.

Read our GreenRush Review for weed delivery

GreenRush Selection

For the sake of this GreenRush review, I am going to get a little bit of everything. The marijuana products were out in a nice list order. The flowers starting at the top of the list and the oils and edibles lower down. There is also an option to filter the list by Flower, edible, other, and accessories. I get some Blueberry Diesel, Mango Tangie Pull ‘N snap and some Kiva milk chocolate. It is easy to add them to my cart which I can check at any time.

Checking Out

The shopping cart is clean, showing how much you have purchased already. It also allows you to edit or remove anything not needed. There is also an area for a GreenRush promo code. When I tried to apply my GreenRush review promo code HAPPY80 it asked for me to sign in. I guess it makes sense that I need to create an account at some point!

At the bottom of the page is a button that says Get verified to order. I am guessing this is the next step in the sign-in process. When I click that button, it takes me to a new page asking if I need a marijuana card. I already have a marijuana card, but for the sake of this review I wanted to go through the process.GreenRush offers an Online process that will get you approved in 20 minutes. They only charge $39 which is insanely low! (Even if I wasn’t going to order marijuana with GreenRush, I would still get my medical marijuana card here.)

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GreenRush Medical Marijuana Card

After clicking that Yes, I do indeed need a card, I moved to another page to fill out my info. The consultation takes place by video chat with a licensed doctor. There is no appointment, you can see the doctors right away. After entering my information I moved to GreenRush’s HelloMD website. There I had to verify my email account. I had to enter more information, address, medical history etc. I clicked consent and uploaded a photo of myself for my medical marijuana card. It is a bit of a process, but eventually, I was ready to chat with the Doctor.

The actual chat with the doctor was easier and quicker than entering all my information. He was nice and didn’t try to rush me at all. I paid the $39 and that was that. The actual medical marijuana card would be coming in the mail after a few days. Yet, I could immediately start ordering with GreenRush.

Time to Buy!

Now that I had an account and a shiny new medical marijuana card, I was ready to buy my pot. I double checked the shopping card again, then scrolled down to the bottom. I entered my GreenRush promo code HAPPY80 and got my discount. I wasn’t too sure how much to tip the Weed Delivery guy, so I did $5. (I will have to do more research to see if this was too little or too much.)

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I entered all my info and chose cash as my payment method. Then it was a simple matter of pressing the order button! I sat back and watched the clock, wondering how long it would be until my marijuana arrived.

The delivery guy didn’t quite make it in 20 minutes, but he wasn’t far off. It only took 29 minutes for my marijuana to reach to me. The delivery guys name was Steve and he seemed like a pretty nice guy. When he found out was doing a GreenRush review, he wanted to make sure I included a mention about SF Green Delivery. (Their marijuana turned out to be amazing, so I have no problem recommending them.)

My GreenRush Review: conclusion

The entire GreenRush process took me just over an hour. I went back onto the website afterwards and tried to order again. With my account already setup it only took me 5 minutes to purchase my next order of weed. (Most of that spent trying to decide which flowers to get)So when it comes to time, I would say it is definitely a win. Just heading to the dispensary would have taken me over an hour. That doesn’t even include how long it would have taken me to get a medical marijuana card in person.

As for cost, the prices are a bit higher than in person. Though I was happy to discover that it wasn’t actually all that much more. So if you take into account the amount of time you save yourself, I would say it is well worth it. Not to mention that the GreenRush review promo code HAPPY80 makes it a great deal for your first 4 orders :).

When I compare GreenRush to Eaze and the other weed delivery companies, it comes in near the top. It has one of the largest weed delivery areas, serving almost 800 zip codes last I checked. GreenRush also gives you the ability to get a medical marijuana card. Only a few of the other big weed delivery companies such as Eaze do this. Eaze’s website seems a bit nicer, but not by much.

GreenRush Competition

GreenRush also has a good amount of competition. Check out these other medical marijuana delivery companies.

Give GreenRush a shot

If you are looking for a Weed Delivery company I definitely recommend GreenRush. Use my weed delivery zip code tool to see if they deliver to your area. If they do, make sure to use the GreenRush promo code HAPPY80 to get $80 off your orders.

I hope you have enjoyed my GreenRush review. If you have any extra questions or suggestions, please let me know.

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