PufferBox Coupon Code

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PufferBox is a monthly cannabis accessories box. Get $3 off your order with the PufferBox coupon code HAPPY3 (or click here). 

PufferBox Coupon Code

To use the PufferBox coupon code HAPPY3, visit this page. It’s not a huge discount, but ends up being over 10% off a single month. Definitely better than nothing! Additionally if you buy a 6 month package, your box already starts at $23/month—so this way you’ll get it for $20/month (your first month anyway).

PufferBox Coupon Code: Use HAPPY3 for $3 off your cannabis accessories box!

What is PufferBox?

Pufferbox is a really fun new subscription box that sends you a monthly box full of all kinds of smoking accessories. In a single box you might receive a new glass, papers, cones, a grinder, as well as yummy snacks. Each month brings new products, new brands, and a whole new fun way to enjoy smoking.

The price per month starts at $23, plus $3.99 shipping. Shipping is always done in a discrete box so you don’t need to worry about your nosey neighbors getting in your business (or your mom). If you want to see some specific products that have been sent in a monthly box you can view the past boxes on their site. Additionally, if you see a past item you absolutely have to have, you can buy the individual item in their PufferShop.

Other Boxes like PufferBox

I actually co-wrote an article over at TopDown Reviews on a variety of cannabis box subscriptions that you might like if you like the concept behind Pufferbox. But if you’d rather have the quick version here, I suggest you try:

Club M or PotBox to receive actual cannabis in the mail (only in CA)

PufferBox or Daily High Club to receive cannabis accessories in the mail (all across the USA, sometimes in Canada).

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