Vinyl Me Please Promo Code

Vinyl Me Please Promo Code: Get $10 off and read our review!
Vinyl Me Please Promo Code: Get $10 off and read our review!

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If you are looking for a Vinyl Me Please Promo Code, then you’re in the right place.

This post goes into depth about the Vinyl Me Please promo codes and how to use them (click here to skip to the code). We also review Vinyl Me, Please and explain the benefits and negatives of the service.

Lastly, we’ll tell you how use existing users can get more credit and end up with all your records for free.

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Get $10 off Vinyl Me Please

With their refer a friend program!

Top Vinyl Me Please Promo Code for 2016

Vinyl me please does not use a Promo code to give users their discount. Instead, they use a referral system that is link based. The refer a friend program gets you $10 off . The promotion will automatically be applied to your account. All you have to do is sign up via this link and start receiving great Vinyl me please records in the mail.

Vinyl me Please Promo Code

Vinyl Me Please for existing users.

Vinyl me please does not have a promo code for existing users, but it does have a way to earn more credits. They are a new service so they are looking to grow and get new people. To this end, Vinyl me please has created a referral system for its users. This referral system allows you to invite friends and earn credit for each friend that signs up.

This allows a Vinyl me please for existing users discount. So get on your promoting shoes and click here to get started earning Vinyl Me Please credits.

Get $10 off with your Vinyl me please promo code

My Vinyl Me Please Review:

I discovered Vinyl Me, Please one night when I was sitting around, relaxing with a joint, and listening to, what else, Bob Marley. I have a few Marley albums on vinyl and love listening to them. Listening to music on vinyl is a different kind of experience, in my opinion. It makes listening to the music more active, as opposed to listening on an iPod which is very passive.

As I was listening to those albums, I found myself wanting to get more vinyl for my collection, but I didn’t know where to start. After a quick web search, I ended up at Vinyl Me, Please. I was instantly amazed at the quality and selection of their goods. They are passionate about vinyl, and it shows.

With a membership, you get a monthly box with a feature record, other curated records, an art print and lots of other goodies. When my first order arrived, I was amazed and tickled pink with all the fun stuff that arrived, along with the fantastic feature record. I also get weekly emails with exclusive content, access to their world-class online store, and extra stuff surprising me at my doorstep. (Don’t forget to use a Vinyl Me Please promo code link like this one to get $10 via the refer a friend program!)

A typical monthly shipment includes an album they have hand chosen for members, album-inspired art, and a custom cocktail pairing recipe, to add to your experience. There’s always a few other things tossed in that you’ll love getting. I was so excited that I began writing this Vinyl me please review right away.

Vinyl Me Please Promo Code: Get $10 off and read our review!

I’ve been very happy with the service since signing up, and I recommend it to any vinyl enthusiast. Vinyl Me, Please knows what they’re doing and they do it with pride. It’s a great way to expand your vinyl selection and explore new artists and new types of music. I’ve been so pleased with all the selections and delighted with the extra goods they send each month. A definite thumbs up from me.

Vinyl Me Please Rating


Get $10 off Vinyl Me Please

With the refer a friend program
(in lieu of a Vinyl Me Please coupon code)

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