Weed Delivery Irvine

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If you are looking for Medical Marijuana in Irvine, we suggest getting it via a weed delivery service. You can enter your zip code on this page for a list of up to $200 in coupons near you. Or, scroll down for a full list of services that might do weed delivery in Irvine.

Weed Delivery Irvine

Our absolute favorite place for weed delivery in Irvine is GreenRush. They have an easy-to-use website, a HUGE variety of cannabis products. AND! They give you $80 in free credit, which you can use in $20 increments. Enter the GreenRush discount code HAPPY80 to activate the deal. If you’ve used them before, you can use the code HAPPY15 for $15 off. Visit GreenRush.com.

Another great weed delivery place is Nugg. They have a similar setup to GreenRush, and also offer a first-timer discount. Use the code HAPPY20 for $20 off your first Nugg order. They also have a really cool refer a friend program that can earn you extra free cannabis credits. Visit getNugg.com.

If you want something delivered in the mail (versus via a delivery guy within an hour like the two options above), you can try out TrueFarma. They offer a wide variety of medical cannabis products and will ship them straight to your house, discretely and legally. Use the code IEG62L for 25% off your first order. Visit TrueFarma.com.

How do Medical Marijuana Delivery Services in Irvine Work?

A lot of people seem put off by the idea of a medical marijuana delivery service. But it’s really simple, easy, and legal. It works a lot like how you’d order pizza or Indian food. You simply head onto a website of one of the delivery services above. Create an account, and upload your medical marijuana recommendation. If you don’t have one, you can sign up for one within 10 minutes via the site.

Once your account is set up, add some items to your cart. Then checkout, and enter a promo code (like the ones listed above). Within about an hour, your items will be delivered straight to you. Weed delivery Irvine is easy as pie!

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