Weed Delivery Nevada

Read our article to find out about Weed Delivery Nevada and weed delivery los vegas!

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Currently there are a few Weed Delivery Nevada places.

We recommend using GreenRush, and entering the promo code HAPPY80 for $80 in free credit.

Read our article to find out about Weed Delivery Nevada and weed delivery los vegas!

Weed Delivery Nevada

Weed Delivery is a new concept to all states—one that has grown with the emergence of on-demand apps like Uber, Instacart and Shyp. California has been doing weed delivery via apps like Eaze, Nugg, GreenRush and Kushfly for years now.

However, Weed Delivery Nevada is a newer concept, and it’s been slower to take off. Currently, most weed delivery options are via individual dispensaries themselves. This differs from places in California—CA weed delivery places usually list products from multiple dispensaries, and work more like a dispensary marketplace.

With new law changes in Nevada, we expect this to change soon. Places like Eaze will likely expand into Nevada (especially with all that new funding they’ve been getting: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/eaze-2), and you’ll find yourself with many more options. This will include Nevada cannabis coupons (see below).

Weed Delivery Las Vegas

Our favorite Weed Delivery Las Vegas place is currently Emerald Avenue. While they don’t offer a first-timer coupon, you can actually score free 1/8 ounces every time you refer a new customer. You have to be an existing customer to do so though—you can’t sign up on a website, you have to have physically called them and become a customer.

Let us know if you’ve had an experience with Emerald Avenue and we’ll add a review here!

Weed Delivery Coupons in Las Vegas and Nevada

More Details Coming soon!

Currently California has tons of weed delivery coupons available. We expect Nevada to have similar options once the laws are a little more lenient about marijuana usage. Keep your eyes on this section for updates.

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