Weed Delivery Sacramento: Cannabis Dispensaries, delivered

420 Evaluations Sacramento + Weed Delivery: Get your medical card + $100 in free cannabis

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Looking for weed delivery Sacramento? We got your back. Both Eaze and Amuse deliver from Sacramento cannabis dispensaries, PLUS give away tons of discounts in free weed.

If you want to skip to the good stuff, visit Eaze.com and use code HAPPY100 for 30% off your order.

Weed Delivery Sacramento: Free weed discounts

Enter your zip code below to confirm where you can get weed delivery and what promos they offer:

Use our Weed Delivery Zip Code Locator to see how much you can save


In case those images don’t work for you—use code HAPPY100 at Eaze for 30% off.

You can purchase all types of cannabis products on their sites. From flowers, to edibles, to concentrates and prerolls, you are all set! You can search their products by strain or type of product easily.

420 Evaluations Sacramento

How to Get your Medical Marijuana Card in Sacramento

If you want a new medical marijuana card in Sacramento, simply get a doctor’s recommendation online.


By visiting Eaze.com, and then seeing one of their doctors. It’s an online video call that lasts under 5 minutes and costs $39. At the end of it you will receive a virtual recommendation that you can use right away at Eaze.com. They also send you a physical recommendation about a week later. You can use this at Sacramento cannabis dispensaries, or at other weed delivery Sacramento companies.

420 Evaluations Sacramento + Weed Delivery: Get your medical card + $100 in free cannabis

Sacramento Cannabis Dispensaries, Delivered!

Again, don’t forget to try out the online delivery companies for free weed credits!

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