Whoopi and Maya Promo Codes

Whoopi and Maya Promo Codes: Our Promo Codes and Review

Whoopi and Maya Promo Codes: Our Promo Codes and Review

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Whoopi Goldberg’s own Marijuana product Line

Medical Marijuana just got another big boost. Whoopi Goldberg has added her name to the growing trend of cannabis related products. She is just one of a number of Hollywood names moving into the marijuana market, alongside Bob Marley and Snoop Dog(previously known as Lion).

Whoopi is releasing marijuana products under the name Whoopi and Maya. Maya Elizabeth is the founder of Om Edibles, a wildly successful edible company that sells some of the tastiest treats. Combined they have decided to release a line of marijuana products that focus on menstrual discomfort, targeting a huge market of women smokers. Their main products are Soak, Savor, Rub and Relax. As soon as they are available, WeedSuck will have Whoopi and Maya Promo Codes.

Whoopi and Maya Promo Codes: Our Promo Codes and Review

Whoopi and Maya Products


It is known that Epsom salt baths are great for your skin and body. Most spas have some type of Salt bath treatment available, ready to rub the soothing mineral compound into your skin. Soak takes that a step further, including medical cannabis that gives additional relaxation and soothing to cramped muscles. Once you use this once, I doubt you will be able to go back.


Focused on the Cacao bean which has been shown to help alter your mood, releasing “feel good” chemicals very similar to those of marijuana. Whoopi and Maya have taken the Cacao bean a step further by infusing it with Medical Marijuana to really up the potency. For many women, their hormonal changes are directly affected by Cacao, which is why adding marijuana can have such a drastic impact on their mood. Savor can be eaten with a spoon, on toast, or in a warm glass of milk.


This medical marijuana rub is specially formulated to be absorbed through the skin. It is free from harsh chemicals, relying on instead of beeswax and essential oils to mix with the cannabis. It is just what the doctor ordered for those days when the abdominal pains are worse than normal.


This medical marijuana Tincture is a drop of heaven in when the pain is just too much. Mixed with Elderberries to get a beautiful rich color, this tonic can be taken orally or mixed with a drink. Don’t pass up the pain easing qualities of marijuana in this tiny little bottle.

Whoopi and Maya Promo Codes

WeedSuck is working to get Whoopi and Maya promo codes so you can try out these amazing products and learn just how much they help during that time of the month. Marijuana is just now really being seriously considered for the medicinal and healing attributes. Try out some of these products and you will be surprised how much cannabis adds to your body scrub or soothing oils.

Whoopi and Maya Promo Codes: Our Promo Codes and Review



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