GreenRush Codes for Existing Users

GreenRush Codes for existing users: use HAPPY15 and get $15 off subsequent orders!

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Looking for GreenRush codes for existing users?

Well, its good news and bad news! GreenRush doesn’t have an existing user code, but if you sign up with the code HAPPY80 you should get a discount on your first 7 orders.

Additionally, you can try other weed delivery services for up to $200 in free new user credits. See below:




Invite your friends!

GreenRush wants you to refer a friend to their program, so they are giving you free weed to do it. It really is as simple as it sounds, simply sign up for an account (make sure to use GreenRush Promo Code HAPPY80 for $80 credit off since you are a new user) and click on Invite a Bud to find your own code. Simply pass that code the give you to your friends and be amazed as you gain loads of free weed credit!

GreenRush Codes for existing users: Get your friends to use HAPPY80 for $80 off their first order!

Try a GreenRush Competitor

Most of these services are located in the same area, competing with each other for your business. Once you have used GreenRush, why not try out a competitor? There is no easier way to continue getting free weed.

Eaze Weed Delivery

Weed Delivery Company Eaze Promo Code

Eaze is one of GreenRush’s biggest competitors, fighting them tooth and nail for new weed smokers. Eaze is currently offering $20 off with Eaze Promo Code link here. They are trying to be the big boys on the block, and are willing to give you big bucks to do it. Check out our exclusive Eaze Promo Code link here.




Meadow Weed Delivery

A smaller, but still great weed delivery service. Meadow has some really great dispensaries on board and can get you a lot of strains that you might not find with the others. Check out GetMeadow and get $10 off your order!


Smoke up with your buddies!

GreenRush Codes for existing users: Get your friends to use HAPPY80 for $80 off their first order!

So you have already used your GreenRush Promo Code HAPPY80? You can use our GreenRush Codes for Existing users MAYSUCK8 for $8 off $100

Or you can convince your friend to sign up for GreenRush. If he/she signs up they can use the HAPPY80 GreenRush Promo Code and get $25 off! Then you can just give them a little cash and share on the goods!

GreenRush really just wants your help to spread the word about their awesome service. If you have a group of smoking buddies, you can really take advantage of the GreenRush Promo Code deals and get tons of money off your weed purchases. The best part is you get to smoke with your buddies, and look like the hero for finding a way to get tons of free Bud. Not to mention, you and your friends don’t have to leave your couch to do it! Make sure to use GreenRush Promo Code HAPPY80 if you are a new user, and MAYSUCK8 for $8 off $100 if you need GreenRush Codes for existing users.

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