Make money selling weed

Learn how to make money selling weed by becoming a weed ambassador

Learn how to make money selling weed by becoming a weed ambassador

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So you want to make money selling weed?

Then look no further than the growing industry of Weed Delivery. Just like Uber or Lyft, weed delivery is becoming the next big thing. The ability to order medical marijuana directly to your house is a concept that is becoming huge in California. California alone spends millions of dollars on weed delivery. But this industry is still young, and the possibility for people to make money selling weed through weed delivery is huge. This article will show you how to earn money, doing as little or as much work as you like.

Weed Delivery Ambassador

Remember that phrase because it is your golden ticket to earning money with marijuana. Every major weed delivery company operating currently has an ambassador program. They all want your help promoting their product and they are willing to pay you cash to do it. For those of you heavy pot smokers, they also have incentives that will give you free weed. All that is required is for you to spread the word about Weed Delivery.

The Weed Ambassador Programs!

Weed Delivery Ambassador Eaze: Earn Money Selling Weed

Eaze is the largest of the weed delivery programs. Sign up as an Eaze Ambassador, you can earn $20 for every person you refer that orders with your promo code. Your referral code will be good for $60, so it is relatively easy to get people to sign up. If you have never used Eaze before, make sure to use a promo code and create an account (it is for $60 off should you ever choose to order any weed). Then go to their ambassador page and sign up to earn money!

Meadow Weed Delivery Ambassador: Earn Money Selling Weed

Meadow is a smaller weed delivery program, but it is growing quickly! Sign up as an Meadow Ambassador and earn $20 of free weed or $5 cash for every person you refer. Your referral is worth $20, so it isnt hard to find people to use the code. Sign up with this link and earn an extra $20, then start share it on your social media to start earning credits or cash!

KushFly Weed Delivery Ambassador: Earn Money Selling Weed

KushFly lets you earn a percentage of the weed purchased through their site. Sign up to become an ambassador and earn 10% of each purchase, they get 10% off their purchase with your code. We all know weed isn’t exactly cheap, so this could easily become one of your biggest earners. Make sure to use our code SMOKE10 and earn 10% off when you sign up.

GreenRush Weed Delivery Ambassador: Earn Money Selling Weed

GreenRush is another of the big weed delivery programs. Sign up as a GreenRush Ambassador and earn $10 for every referral you get. Your referral code is actually worth $80 dollars, which sells itself. If you are new to GreenRush, create an account using code HAPPY80 to get your initial $80 off, then start referring and earning money!

Nugg Weed Delivery Ambassador: Earn Money Selling Weed

Nugg is also a great weed delivery program. Sign up as a Nugg Ambassador and get $10 for every referral. Your Nugg referral code is worth $20. If you are new to Nugg, create an account using the code HAPPY20 and get your initial $20. Once you have created an account, you can get your own Nugg referral code.

Greenly Weed Delivery Ambassador: Earn Money Selling Weed

Greenly is the last weed delivery program we have found for now. Sign up as a Greenly Ambassador and earn $10 per commission. Your referral code is actually worth 10%, so it can be very valuable if the person is looking to order a lot of marijuana. If you are new to Greenly, create an account using the code TRY-HAPPY20, then sign up for an affiliate account and earn money!

The rest is up to you!

We have shown you the way, now its up to you to earn the money. It costs nothing to sign up for each weed delivery ambassador program, so its about time you make money selling weed. Make sure to check out our article on how to become a driver for weed delivery dispensaries. Check back regularly as we will update the list when we find new ambassador programs. Make sure to visit our Forum as well, and discuss how to make money selling weed.




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  1. When I first began with Greenrush I too delved into their ambassador program with this same level of excitement and passion about their platform and products. And at first I had every reason to be: they had one of the best referral programs in the game, I could personally reach out to staff and they offered a wide selection of products to choose from, which was always a great selling point. Well you know that old adage, if it sounds too good to be true it probably isn’t. Yeah well people say that shit for a reason. Greenrush started off robust enough, they paid semi regularly and I made some fairly decent coin…until about November of last year when they scraped about 90% of their staff and instead focused on salvaging what little respect they have left in the California cannabis industry. Payouts have ceased, emails have gone unanswered and the SSL certificate for the ambassador dashboard hasn’t been renewed in over half a year. I highly advise those looking for other and better ambassador programs to steer clear of Greenrush. In fact, I wouldn’t even order my weed from them anymore

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