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Meadow Promo Code: Get $10 off and read our Meadow Weed Review! @GetMeadow

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Best Marijuana Meadow Promo Code and Referral Credits for 2017

Tired of fighting traffic to get to buy your weed? Then Weed delivery is for you. We have outlined quite a few different Weed Delivery companies, but Meadow Weed delivery is one of our favorites. The people at GetMeadow were kind enough to give us a Meadow Promo Code for all our users. Click here for $10 off your Meadow order!

How can I get even more free weed?

So you have already used our Meadow Promo Code and received $10 off, but still want to get more free weed? You could try the Meadow Weed Ambassador Program. The program allows you to invite your friends and earn $10 of weed credit. The more people you refer to Meadow, the more credit you earn! If that isnt enough, check out other weed delivery competitors below to get even more promo code credit.

Or—Weed Delivery Competitors

There are quite a few of these weed delivery companies such as Eaze, Nugg, GreenRush, Kushfly and many more. They all give new users at least $20 off to get your business. Definitely give them all a shot, get as much free Marijuana as you can. Or you can read WeedSuck’s reviews of each one, and see which service is the best for you.

Full List of Weed Delivery Services


Great weed prices. Get $20 off your first order. Click here to signup and receive the $20 credits. Visit


Get $20 off your first order. Use coupon: TOPDOWN. Visit

You can visit this WEED Locator to find the best deals in your zip code.

What is Meadow Weed Delivery?

Meadow Weed Delivery allows you to order marijuana from dispensaries, and have a driver deliver it to your house in under an hour. Simply login to GetMeadow, enter your zip code and then look at all the marijuana options from dispensaries near your location. Once you order your weed, the dispensary will deliver your order in under an hour normally. Make sure to use our Meadow Promo Code link above.

Meadow Promo Code: Get $10 off and read our Meadow Weed Review! @GetMeadow

Meadow Cities

GetMeadow currently delivers weed in 2 major cities in the United States. If you live in Los Angeles or San Francisco, Meadow can deliver medical marijuana to you. Legislature is currently in the works to open up more cities and locations, so make sure to subscribe to our newsletter so we can inform you if your area opens up.

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