Top 5 Ways to Contact Eaze Up

Top five ways to contact Eaze up: Get your info at WeedSuck

Top 5 ways to contact Eaze up

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Top 5 ways to contact Eaze up

Sometimes we like to tell people that the reason WeedSuck is so popular is because people come to us when they have questions. A lot of people reach out to Eaze, but find that they have to wait or the answer isn’t satisfactory.

Eaze isn’t the only company to fall victim to their success, GreenRush and Meadow are both experiencing high user volume and struggling to keep up with their exponential growth. We know how frustrating it can be to try and find help, so we thought we would try to organize a list to help with any questions you might have.

If you try all the avenues below and still can’t find your answer, shoot us an email with the form below and we will do our best to find you a solution. We work side by side with most of the Marijuana Delivery companies and can get answers quickly.


Eaze has just redone their site and it is easier than ever to navigate. The Eaze Support page has almost every question you can think of, and probably a lot more. Whether it’s about delivery areas or marijuana dispensaries, this is the place to check out first. It isn’t talking with a person, but it will probably answer your questions faster than any other method. Make sure to check out this page first before trying anything else. It is the best method of getting you information quickly of our top 5 ways to contact Eaze Up.

2. Emailing Eaze

If for some reason the support page doesn’t fully answer all of your questions, but you don’t desperately need to talk with someone then you should send an email to Eaze. We have found that they are pretty responsive and should get back in a timely manner.
They are a quickly growing startup so you will get a better response if you ask simple questions, making sure to include as much information as you can.
If you are looking for other reasons to contact Eaze, such as partnerships or marketing please refer to this website

3. Contact EazeUp on twitter

Social media is one of the most powerful tools in a user’s arsenal. Eaze is still in its infancy so they are very active on their twitter feed. If you have found that they have not responded, then try sending them a message on twitter.
This is one of our favorite methods of contacting the partners we work with. The social media teams of these growing startups are very often the best at what they do. Go ahead and give them a shout out on twitter and make sure to follow them at the same time to get extra info and deals. This is the most fun method of contacting Eaze in our list of the top 5 ways to contact Eaze Up.

Check out the Top 5 Ways to contact Eaze Up

4. Contact EazeUp on Facebook

Another avenue for social media, Facebook is a great way of reaching out to Eaze. They have a load of information and are constantly updating the page. If you are interested in keeping up to date with weed delivery, make sure to check back or follow Eaze on facebook.

5. Call Eaze

(877) 741-4929
If all of the other methods of communication have failed, try reaching out to Eaze on the phone. I would leave this as a last resort since there are so many other methods of contacting them. They will respond on the phone, but it may not be as quickly as you prefer.

Let us know if any of these methods have stopped working or you still can’t get in contact with Eaze. These Top 5 ways to contact eaze up should get you where you need to be. WeedSuck is here to make your Weed Delivery easy and extremely affordable. We will do everything we can to help.

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  1. Hello; I’ve already tried to contact you guys by email and would like a response back as soon as I can.

    I’m not very happy, I just purchased 67$ worth of product and I was only given an 8th. I don’t 67$ is a 1/4.

    I’ve been purchasing from you guys for awhile and haven’t had any issues, also I’m part of the VIP.

    I would like to receive what I have purchased.

    Thank you.


    1. Post

      Hi Kendra, is a review site that focuses on services such as eaze. We recommend contacting eaze at or hit them up at their twitter @Eaze_Team. We have found them to be responsive for all of our communications. We hope you are able to get it figured out.

      -WeedSuck Team

  2. I just purchase 8th for $50 from eaze up . They give me some outdoor im not satisfy very disappointing.

  3. Phone number doesn’t work anymore and it’s been over 2 week and still not received the MED card. Where’s the physical address for Eaze?

    1. Post

      Eaze has removed their phone number from their site and their address is just a P.O box. I would recommend reaching out to them at If you have already tried that, then their facebook and twitter is our best way of getting things taken care of.

  4. I have ordered alot of medical medicine from eaze. Last 2 times i have had a flashing sign that says next order free. A couple of times i have orderwd 1/2 oz and alot of shake in the bottom. I have never received anything free.

  5. I am in the middle of using eazeMD to get recommendation card. I entered my credit card info and drivers license as requested. NOTHING is happening and there is NO ONE to contact. How does any company who takes personal information and credit card numbers NOT have a phone number??

  6. NO RESPONSE TO CUSTOMER SERVICE EMAILS FROM THESE GUYS. Is there a trick? I was missing items off my last order, every other service I have used has sent a replacement within the hour…these guys cant even respond to my email…is there really no phone number? If i can order a new pack through the website with a 20 min eta…how can they not just send another out, especially since I paid for it already?? Has anyone else had this problem recently?

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