Ultimate guide to Weed Delivery

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I have created this article to help everyone understand weed delivery. Medical Marijuana delivery is not only legal, it is very useful. Find out everything you need to know with my Ultimate guide to Weed Delivery.

We have the ultimate guide to weed delivery!

The Ultimate guide to Weed Delivery. How it works and what you can expect in the future.

What is Weed Delivery?

Weed Delivery is the the Uber of marijuana. This new service is the blending of two current trends in the US.

The first trend is the gradual legalization of marijuana. Every day new bills and laws are passing that legalize marijuana. Weed legalization is creeping its way across the US. States are discovering how much tax revenue this drug can bring. I believe it will only be a little longer before it is completely legal.

The second trend is the on-demand economy. Companies like Uber and Lyft have spread across the world like wildfire. People are in love with the convenience and ease the on-demand system brings. It would be hard to find someone who hasn’t heard of Uber.

When you take both of these trends and combine them you get Weed Delivery. A simple system of ordering marijuana online, then having it delivered in an hour or less. The on-demand marijuana industry is exploding in California, and this is just the beginning.

Read out ultimate guide to weed delivery to see what its all about!

How does the Weed Delivery Concept work?

Weed Delivery works on a similar principle to Uber. Customers log in to a weed delivery service such as Eaze or GreenRush. They choose the marijuana product from the app/website and purchase on their phone. Eaze or GreenRush will then have a driver deliver the marijuana to your location in under an hour.

The system is only possible because of recent innovations in GPS and smartphone technology. It is simple for customers to order safely and securely over their phone or computer. Weed delivery companies can efficiently fill the order and find a driver to deliver it.

It benefits people with busy schedules, mobility issues, and any number of other reasons. Medical marijuana is essential for a great number of sick people. Weed delivery gives them a way to access this wonder drug. At the time of this Ultimate guide to Weed Delivery article, only medical marijuana is available.

Weed delivery is just beginning, but it has already proven its usefulness. The number of new users is jumping exponentially each year, and it is only picking up speed. It is clear that weed delivery is here to stay.

Current Weed Delivery competitors in California

The big weed delivery companies are Eaze and GreenRush. Those are not the only two, there are many other ones. It is such a new market that it is anyone’s guess who is going to be the winner.

Let’s check out these companies one by one.

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Eaze weed delivery

Eaze has established itself as the biggest player in the weed delivery market. The Eaze headquarters is in San Francisco. They have smaller branches in many big California cities.

Eaze has dominated the market because of their simple weed ordering platform. The Eaze website is by far the easiest to use. Eaze is also the only delivery company to use its own drivers and vehicles. It is easy to understand why their company name is Eaze. Their business model has some pros and some cons.

Eaze Pros:

  • Eaze Driver

    Eaze hires its own drivers so your medical marijuana is delivered fast.

  • Very Simple App

    Eaze prides itself on simplicity. You could be stoned out of your mind and still use their app.

  • Never deal with the dispensary

    Eaze ensures that its customers never deal with a dispensary. Eaze takes care of everything.

Eaze Cons:

  • Less Weed Selection

    The simple app also means that customers have less choices.

  • Prices are fixed

    No competition since everything is through Eaze.

  • Slower to grow

    Eaze has to spend more time and energy to spread.

As of this month, Eaze is only located in a few large cities along the California coast. That hasn’t stopped them from growing. I predict Eaze will spread as soon as the November weed laws pass.

Eaze was also one of the first weed delivery companies to focus on user word of mouth advertising. They currently have one of the largest ambassador programs. The Eaze ambassador program has thousands of weed smokers promoting their company.

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GreenRush Weed Delivery

Another of the bigger weed delivery companies. GreenRush works on a different concept that Eaze. GreenRush connects customers with dispensaries in the area. Users purchase medical marijuana through the GreenRush webpage. GreenRush then send the order to the dispensary. It is up to the dispensary to deliver the marijuana to the customer. GreenRush is playing the role of a middleman, connecting the customer with the dispensary.

This business system has a lot of pros and a few cons.

GreenRush Pros:

  • Tons of Selection

    GreenRush can offer a lot of selection by adding new dispensaries to their site.

  • Can grow super quickly

    GreenRush can grow quickly as they are only adding new dispensaries.

  • Great Weed Prices

    GreenRush gives customers a lot of choices. This means the customer can find better deals.

GreenRush Cons:

  • More things can go wrong

    Customers have to deal with GreenRush and the dispensary delivering the marijuana.

  • Slower Delivery

    The drivers work for dispensary, not GreenRush delivery.

  • Often confusing

    It’s often overwhelming trying to choose marijuana from the huge amount of options

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Nugg, Meadow and other weed delivery companies.



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Weed Delivery can actually save you money.

Think about the time you spend getting around in big cities. How much time does it take to wait in long lines, then get back into your car to face traffic. Weed Delivery is a brand new industry. Weed delivery companies are trying to get the concept to spread. First adapters are getting great deals on their medical marijuana!

Current weed delivery companies do not charge for weed delivery. The prices of the marijuana are often comparable to what you would find in the dispensary. If it is more, it is only by a few dollars. New users can get up to $80 off their first weed orders for just GreenRush. You can also get $20 off Eaze! That is a ton of free weed delivered to you!

If you are smart, you can also take it a step further. GreenRush, Eaze, and the other weed companies offer referral or ambassador programs. You can get even more free weed when you get your friends to smoke up. Make sure to check out our weed referrals pages to find out more information.

Read our Ultimate guide to weed delivery and see which companies delivery marijuana.

Weed Delivery Referral Programs

Weed Referral or ambassador programs are a huge part of marijuana delivery. The legal marijuana industry is young. Many companies are rushing forward to try and fill the empty space. They all know that the most effective way to gain new users is word of mouth. A thousand vocal customers are better than a few well placed advertisements.

Most of the time companies get word of mouth through great customer service and support. With the weed delivery industry they want to help nudge it along quicker. To that end, most of the companies have created referral or ambassador programs. These programs often offer free weed as a reward, though some offer money.

Eaze Referral program:

Users should sign up for the Eaze Referral program. Eaze provides new users with a referral code through their Eaze ambassador program. The referral code gets your friends $20 off their first order. Once your friend has used the code, you get $20 of credit towards your next order.

Eaze ambassador program

Never pay for weed again

GreenRush ambassador program.

The GreenRush invite a bud program provides customers with a Greenrush promo code. The code is worth $80,$20 off the first order and $10 off the next 6 orders. Once your friend uses the code you can get $10 of free weed or $10 cash. Think about all the money/weed you can make with that.

GreenRush invite a bud program

Sign up to earn free marijuana

Meadow Ambassador Program

GetMeadow has created a program that focuses on people looking for free weed. The Meadow ambassador program will gives a $20 discount to new users. The codes owner will get $20 of free weed for every customer who uses their code. If you want to cash it out, they will give you $5 per code.

Meadow Ambassador Program

Sign up to promote meadow!

As you can see above, there is a lot of free weed to make with weed delivery. Make sure to give these companies a try and then hand out your code. Earning free weed is as good as it sounds.

Ultimate guide to Weed Delivery Conclusion

Weed Delivery is coming. State wide weed legalization is just around the corner. The birth of Uber and the on-demand economy has paved the way for marijuana delivery. Buying weed from a dispensary will soon be a thing of the fast. Join the movement now and find out which weed delivery company delivers to you.

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