GreenRush Promo Code And Free Weed Credits

Use our GreenRush Promo Code HAPPY80 and get $80 of free credit

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If you have been searching for a 2017 GreenRush promo code, then you can stop looking. This page has everything you need to know about: GreenRush promo codes for new users, ways for existing GreenRush users to earn free weed, explanations of what GreenRush is and how it works, as well as information regarding the best GreenRush alternatives available.

Best GreenRush Promo Code For May 2016

New Users: Use HAPPY80 to get $80 in GreenRush credit!

Existing Users: Try a new service for new user credit—see below:




The GreenRush coupon code for new users is worth $80 ($20 off the first order and $10 off the next 6 orders) in free GreenRush credit when applied to the account. Simply enter the promotional codes after you have chosen your weed and get the $80 off!

If you are a new GreenRush user, use GreenRush first user code HAPPY80 to claim your free weed credit worth $80. If you’re an existing user, simply use MAYSUCK8 for $8 off $100. This second code changes each month, so be sure to check back again and again.

Follow the steps listed below to use the codes:

Our GreenRush Promo code HAPPY80 will get you $80 of free weed credit

Did the GreenRush coupon above not work for you? That most likely means you have already signed up, but don’t worry! You can still earn free credit easily. You can use our existing member code below and instantly save $15 on your GreenRush order.

  We have New and Existing user GreenRush coupons

New user promo code

One thing that we have found with the GreenRush promo code is that they can be a bit finicky. Make sure you know exactly what you are ordering before entering the code. If you go back or remove some items sometimes you lose the discount. (If this does happen, be sure to contact GreenRush. They are very responsive and will ensure that you do get your $80 off!)

Want even more free weed? Then unlock one of the WeedSuck links below and get tons of Free Weed!

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GreenRush promo code update for May 2016: 

It is very exciting to see the Weed Delivery Market growing so quickly. Right now there are two major front runners in the battle for control, GreenRush and Eaze. They both are fighting for control of a market that is ready to explode. This means that both programs are focused on getting new users and ambassadors and that is great for all the weed smokers out there. With discounts as big as $80, these companies are willing to take a loss to get your business. Make sure you keep an eye out for any updates, as it could mean more free weed for you.

Let’s not forget the smaller guys either.
There are numerous other weed delivery services who are finding niches and making it on their own. Nugg, Meadow, Greenly and KushFly are just a few. If you live in San Francisco or Los Angeles there is a great chance that you can test out all of these places and enjoy tons of Free Weed! Get your free pot while you can—these incentives can’t last forever.

Tutorial: Claiming your free Weed

  1. Go to GreenRush and signup for an account
  2. GreenRush will show you the dispensaries near your location that deliver
  3. Choose your medical marijuana and click on the shopping cart
  4. Enter your GreenRush promo code to get $80 of free credit
  5. Sit back while your weed is delivered
Tips for using your GreenRush Referral codes

  • The $80 promo code credit must be used on your first purchase
  • Check out our existing promo code for further purchases
  • After you sign up, make sure to refer your friends for free credit
  • Don’t leave the shopping cart after the code has been entered

GreenRush coupons for existing users

This is an exciting one for WeedSuck! It’s not every day that we are able to give out promo codes that work for existing users. GreenRush has been kind enough to give us ongoing GreenRush promo code for existing users. It changes each month, so be sure to check back to get the latest one!

Greenrush Existing User code: MAYSUCK8 for $8 off $100

Want to get even more of a discount on your weed? GreenRush has a refer a friend program that lets you earn free weed by signing up your friends. Your friend gets a discount on their weed and you get free weed. It’s a win-win! I have gone into more detail on the different ways to make money and earn free weed in this article, be sure to read our article about it.

Why use GreenRush over the other Weed Delivery Services?


Weed delivery is still rather new, but that doesn’t mean there are already a few services that stand out more than others. When it comes to prices, Greenrush is the clear winner. They have a ton of initial investment that has allowed them to work with local weed dispensaries to give you the lowest price. The only other weed delivery company that even comes close to their prices is Eaze. Greenrush also gives the largest promo code of all the weed delivery programs. Promo Code HAPPY80 will give you a massive $80 of free weed credit!

Customer Service:

Weedsuck has been in contact with GreenRush and the other weed delivery services numerous times as we evaluated and reviewed them. Hands down GreenRush is one of the best faces and response. They are genuinely excited about weed delivery and it shows when you talk with them. They respond to customer questions quickly and thoroughly. Don’t believe us? Go ahead and try reaching out to them.


What cities have GreenRush coverage areas?

Right now GreenRush is primarily located in the San Francisco area and spreading into Los Angeles. That is just for now, as weed legalizes, so will weed delivery. Get ready for your weed to be delivered to you anywhere in the US.


GreenRush in San Fransisco:

San Francisco is home to the weed smoking market, thus is it no wonder that weed delivery is taking such a hold there. Make sure to check out our GreenRush coverage map below.

San Fransisco GreenRush Coverage Area Map

GreenRush is spread throughout San Francisco!

GreenRush Los Angeles

The second most popular city for smoking weed, Los Angeles is perfect weed delivery. With some of the worst traffic in the US, people are itching to stay home and enjoy their ganja in peace.

Los Angeles GreenRush Coverage Area Map

 GreenRush is spread throughout Los Angeles!

Why does GreenRush offer a referral program?

Weed Delivery is just beginning right now, with a giant market opening up in front of these weed delivery companies. GreenRush knows that and is trying to be in the right location when the wave breaks. They are growing their user base and trying to gain valuable repeat customers. A referral program is a great sign because it means GreenRush believes in their product enough to give you your first order almost free.

The second reason is because they want you to spread the word to your friends. Don’t let your friends drive in traffic to get their weed, especially if they live in Los Angeles. Instead, give them the GreenRush promo code HAPPY80 and let the weed come to them. That is the real power of the referral program, word of mouth.

Get the most out of your GreenRush referral code

When you sign up for GreenRush, make sure to check out your Greenrush promo code web page. Each time you get a friend to signup with your code you get $20 of free weed. Did I forget to mention that there is no limit to how much free weed you can accumulate? The next step is to get focus on getting your code out there.

Here are some tips to reach a larger audience with your greenrush promo code:

  • Have the Greenrush page already loaded on your phone when smoking with friends
  • Join weed blogs and forums where you can meet and talk with other smokers
  • Go to events put on by local weed dispensaries
  • Think outside the box! Weed delivery is new and people need to know about it

Make sure to head to the Invite a Bud tab on Greenrush’s website and get your own code now. Now that medical marijuana is legal, it is going to be taxed heavily. Finding ways to get inexpensive weed is going to become very important. Become the hero that your friends need and show them how to get free weed.

Other Ways to get Free Weed

If GreenRush doesn’t deliver to you, or you just want to try a new weed delivery service, make sure to give these ones a try!