Eaze Promo Codes for 2021-2022

Eaze promo code | 30% off code: HAPPY100

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Eaze is the best way to get your medical marijuana delivered. We have worked alongside Eaze Up to ensure that you as the consumer are provided with the latest Eaze Promo Codes and news.

To receive a 30% discount on your first order, you have to sign up for an account using this link here and use code HAPPY100.

These codes are great for casual weed smokers or those who wake and bake every day. They give users credit towards their medical marijuana orders so that the weed is a very good deal. It isn’t unusual to actually save money having your marijuana delivered instead of making the trek to the dispensary yourself. These Eaze promotions are designed to help the company grow with word of mouth, so make sure you use them while they are available.

Eaze Promo Code: Get $20 off

The Eaze Up Promo Code is easy to use by clicking any link and that makes it simple for users to input when they are purchasing their marijuana order for the first time. We work with Eaze, so we can assure you that the 30% off credit is the best deal they have available. The moment they change the amount, this page will be updated.

Tutorial: Using your Eaze Promo Code

  1. Click on this link to go to the Eaze page
  2. Allow Eaze to find your location or enter it manually to find dispensaries near you
  3. Select the medical marijuana you would like to purchase
  4. Add code HAPPY100 during checkout
  5. Sit back and have your weed delivered

Tips for using your Eaze referral codes

  • Your Eaze promo code should be automatically applied with the link above
  • The code is automatically applied to your shopping cart
  • The code is lost if you cancel your order
  • Earn free weed by signing up and inviting your own friends!

Earning free Weed with Eaze

Eaze is trying to spread so they want to encourage their users to talk to their friends. Each Eaze user has the option to refer their friends and earn free marijuana for themselves. This program is called Get Free Bud and is available to all Eaze users after they create an account (click here to create an account).

If you want to share your Eaze referral code and get free weed credit, then navigate to the “Free Bud” page, share the code with a friend who hasn’t used Eaze yet, and you’ll get free weed credit after they have placed their first order. Your friend will also get free weed for signing up with Eaze and ordering for their first time.

Simply sign up and order your first delivery. On the right side menu, there is a link to Invite Friends. If you click on this, it will take you to the Get Free Bud page where you can find your custom code and email link. Then it just a matter of spreading the word and earning free weed with Eaze. The popular coupon site CouponSuck covers this in greater detail with their Eaze Promo Codes post, so be sure to check it out.

Free Weed is great, so make sure to tell your friends after you have ordered. When they use your code, you will get $20 in weed credit to use towards your next order. WeedSucks promo code will only get you a discount on your first order. After that, you are on your own—but you can get over $200 in FREE WEED from a ton of other dispensaries (click here to see our entire list).

Future of Eaze Weed Delivery

Weed delivery is still growing and expanding as states begin to legalize marijuana. There are numerous competitors such as GreenRush, Meadow, PotValet and more. Make sure you tell your friends about weed delivery and Eaze especially. Eaze has some of the best promotions for free marijuana in the industry.

Some things to remember about using your Eaze coupon code:

    • You need to have your medical marijuana license. Luckily you can get it through Eaze for under $40!
    • You must enter a valid house address to have it delivered
    • If you don’t use the Eaze Promo Code on your first order, you lose the ability to save the $20
    • The deals can change at any time, so be sure to use it quickly
  • The Eaze promo code is just one of our discounts, so make sure to try the others to continue getting free weed

Smart ways to use your Eaze Promo Codes

There are already hundreds of websites and thousands of Eaze users who are trying to get people to use their Eaze Codes. If you want someone to use yours, you need to be smart about how you give it out. Why not offer to order some weed for your friend, then have them get you next time. When it is their turn, give them your code. Not only do you earn $20 in credit for yourself, but they get $20 off! Or you can be an entrepreneur and print off cards with your custom promo code on them. Then hand these out at weed based events that you attend. Weed Delivery is still very new. Most people don’t know that they can get their weed delivered, and at very affordable prices.

What is Eaze?

The concept of weed delivery is a relatively simple one, especially since so many people now use Uber and Lyft. Weed delivery is the concept of ordering your medical marijuana online, then having a driver deliver it to your house. It seems extreme, but people are starting to realize how valuable their time is. With the advent of electric cars and mass manufacturing, it is very inexpensive for people to stay on the roads to deliver the weed. This makes for a great service that will deliver your marijuana for almost the same price you would find at the dispensary. Less if you take the value of your own time into account.

The best reason to use Eaze is because of WeedSuck’s Eaze Promo Code. You get $20 off any type of flower or bud, from any of the dispensaries that deliver. Eaze works with tons of dispensaries, allowing the customer a broad range of product to choose from. You can be more picky, getting what you want specifically.  You can see from the image below that prices on Eaze are actually comparable to buying from the dispensary itself. With the $20 discount and having your weed delivered it is not even a question if you should use the service.

Eaze Promo Codes: Get Good Weed at Great prices with promo Code link

 How Eaze operates

    1. Choose your weed: After you enter your zip code you can look through the big list of dispensaries and choose the brand of medical marijuana you are looking for.
    1. Create account: Use Eaze Promo Code HAPPY100 to get 30% off your first order.
  1. Delivered: Sit back and relax while your weed is delivered.

If you are still looking for ways to save money on your weed, why not smoke with friends. Eaze already makes it very convenient and cheap, but you can extend that discount by smoking with your friends. They can use your Eaze promo code and not only do they get a discount, but you get more money towards your next eaze purchase. Smoking shouldn’t break the bank, and it shouldn’t be hard to get. Let Eaze solve all of your problems.

Cities that have Eaze

San Francisco

This bustling city was the home of Eaze and continues to be one of its biggest markets. In a city that can be brutally cold even during the summer, hand delivered weed can be a great thing. Weed delivery grew up here, so it works the best of all the cities.

Los Angeles

Anyone who has lived in LA knows just how bad the traffic can be. You will probably get more stress driving to get your bud than the weed can relax from you. If there is any place that weed delivery is essential, it’s Los Angeles. On top of that, what LA native doesn’t enjoy their On-Demand market?

San Diego

Beach city is a great place to relax with your delivered weed. The warm days and cool nights provide an ideal environment to smoke some pot. Get your weed delivered and settle down to a nice night.

What type of people use Eaze?

Disabled or sick marijuana users: Eaze has found a niche with disabled people who use medical marijuana for personal reasons. A good number of these users have no easy method of getting to the dispensaries. Eaze solves this problem by bringing the dispensary to the user. It gives these disabled users a great deal more freedom to choose what type of medical marijuana they want.

People who understand the value of time: A lot of people don’t understand the value of their own time. Don’t make that drive to the dispensary, when you could be home with your family. Once you have used the Eaze promo codes and see how valuable the weed delivery service is, it will be hard to go back. Eaze knows this, which is why they are willing to lose so much money with the initial promo codes up front.

More Eaze Options

Become an Eaze ambassador

If you love weed delivery and have decided to make it your passion to promote it then why not join the Eaze Ambassador program? They are always looking for people to promote the Eaze name. They offer monetary incentives to get new users to signup, or you can join their ground team. Working events and spreading the word of Eaze. This is a great deal if you are passionate about the product and are a people person. There are even opportunities to rise up the ranks and maybe score a job with Eaze itself.

Earn Money as an Eaze Ambassador in 2017

Become an Eaze VIP

If you order through Eaze more than 3 times a month then you become an Eaze VIP. Eaze VIP gives you double rewards for referring your friends. That means for every friend you refer you get $40 of free weed! Eaze VIP gives you loads of other in incentives such as free swag, enter into raffles, and exclusive events. It’s a pretty sweet deal! Check out a full list of incentives here!

Get your Medical Marijuana Recommendation through Eaze.

Eaze MD Online

 Eaze will connect you with a doctor right away! If you get a recommendation through Eaze, you don’t even have to wait for the card to arrive. The best part is it will only cost you $30, which is insanely cheap. Make sure to check out Eaze MD Online and get your marijuana card through them. The process is super fast and the doctors are extremely knowledgeable and nice. Getting your recommendation anywhere else would be a waste of time and money.
Use Eaze to get a medical marijuana card

Current Cities with Eaze

If you are still interested in using your Eaze Promo Code for a free ride, then check out which cities currently are serviced by Eaze. Click here to enter your zip code and see if you live in an area that delivers weed. If you live in a big city up or down the California coast, there is a good chance you are a good candidate for weed delivery.

Personal Eaze Experience

Nothing beats hearing about the process from someone who has actually used it. At WeedSuck we make sure to personally try out each weed delivery company so we know the good and bad parts. (Tough job right) Eaze is hands down one of the best weed delivery systems that we have tried out. They have the largest support structure, biggest inventory, and cleanest site we could find. If we ever had any problems (which we didn’t), then Eaze was quick to answer them.

The actual process of ordering the weed was so smooth it was scary. We try to be through, so we started the entire process using Eaze MD to get a medical marijuana card for only $30. This part of the process was surprisingly easy. We waited a few minutes, then had a face time with a doctor. He guided us through the process, helping us understand the benefits of medical marijuana. Five minutes later we had our marijuana card and were shopping through the dispensaries near our house. We chose what we wanted and then went to check out.

We made sure to use our Eaze Promo Code to get $20 off. We entered our payment information and pressed purchase! It was very exciting to sit back and relax as our weed was picked up from the dispensary and driven to our house. The guy pulled out about 54 minutes after we ordered, our medical marijuana in hand. It was an insanely quick turnaround, considering we had just received our Medical Marijuana card an hour earlier. George, the driver who delivered our weed, was super nice.

Overall, it was a great experience. We have heard of people who haven’t had such smooth experiences, but it was pretty seamless for us. Why not give it a try for yourself, but don’t forget to use the Eaze Promo Code using any link to save yourself some money.

All Weed Delivery Service (Including Eaze Competitors)




Why not try them all?

Make sure to try out all of these different weed delivery companies to see which one is right for you. They are all offering free weed, so it would be silly not to try them all at least once.

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