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KushFly Promo Code: Get 10% off and read our KushFly Weed Review! @Kushflycom

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Have medical marijuana delivered to your door with Kushfly. The Kushfly Promo Code SMOKE10 will get you 10% off your entire order!

WeedSuck works alongside Kushfly to bring you the best Kushfly Promo Codes available. Scroll down the page to find the best Kushfly coupon codes available. Make sure to read our Kushfly review and our Promo Code guide to using the Kushfly credit correctly.


Use our Kushfly Promo Code below:

Use the Kushfly Coupon Code: SMOKE10 for 10% off your entire order!KushFly Promo Code: Get 10% off and read our KushFly Weed Review! @Kushflycom

Earning free marijuana Credit with the Kushfly Referral Program

Kushfly is growing quickly, but they can’t do it without your help. They know that great customer service and quick medical marijuana delivery is a great way to spread their name. On top of that, they have decided to encourage their users with even more incentive. They have created a referral system that allows you to share your Kushfly referral link with your friends. Sign up here to create a Kushfly account, then from there you can get your Kushfly referral link.

Tips for being a successful Kushfly ambassador

  • Figure out your target demographic
  • Create blog posts for Kushfly and promote your link
  • Go to weed events with business cards
  • Smoke with your friends and get them setup with a Kushfly account

Kushfly Review:

Why should you use this service? Read our Kushfly review and find out.

Getting to a medical marijuana dispensary can be inconvenient, and even impossible for people with certain medical ailments. Kushfly provides an inexpensive, quick, discreet way to get your medical marijuana delivered to you at home. It takes only minutes to join the website and begin getting deliveries right away.

When we first began our review of Kushfly, we noticed immediately that they were different. They seemed to be focused on people who needed medical marijuana but didn’t have a way to get it. There are a great deal more people who need medical weed than the common person would believe. Weed can be a great relief to people who are suffering through chemotherapy and other similar toxic treatments. Those same people often have no means of purchasing or driving to get their medical marijuana.

Kushfly is the solution for this.

The Kushfly Collective: Medical Marijuana Delivery

Kushfly carefully inspects all product for quality, including inspection for microbes and pesticides. They hold their products to the highest standards, so you can be confident that you’re getting the best medical marijuana out there. Even better, they offer a reward for recycling used jars and tubes through them. Simply send your used containers back to them for a discount on your next purchase. It’s a great way to recycle items instead of throwing them away, and getting a Kushfly discount on your orders, a win-win.
Kushfly products include flowers, concentrates, edibles and a wide selection of gear. You’ll find everything you need with Kushfly, and they’ll deliver it right to your door. Take the guesswork out of getting your medical marijuana, and become a member of Kushfly. Refer a friend and receive commission! And get 10% off now with the Kushfly promo code SMOKE10.

KushFly Promo Code: Get 10% off and read our KushFly Weed Review! @Kushflycom

Kushfly vs Eaze

Kushfly is much smaller than Eaze, but that doesn’t make it worse. Kushfly is doing weed delivery how they believe it should be done. They focus on the health and safety of their patients more than any of the other weed delivery services I have found. On top of that, the Kushfly promo code is different from all of the other competitors.

Eaze, GreenRush, Meadow and all of the others give new users a fixed amount of money when you enter their promo code. The average code discount is $20, not too bad of a deal. Kushfly does something completely different. The Kushfly Promo Code gets the user 10% off of their order. If you do a big marijuana order, that could easily be worth more than $20.

How Kushfly Works: Get your Kushfly discount

  1. Go to Kushfly.com and register for the Kushfly collective. Make sure to use the code SMOKE10 to get your 10% off.
  2. Select the marijuana products you want and add them to your cart.
  3. Enter your payment and order! The Kushfly discount will automatically be added.
  4. Kushfly will get your medical marijuana delivered in under 3 hours

Does Kushfly deliver to me?

Check out our Kushfly Delivery map below and see if Kushfly is near your location. Kushfly is currently only located in the Los Angeles area, but they are expanding. Though if you do live in the Los Angeles area, make sure to check out the Kushfly website to see how long it will take for them to deliver to you.

Already used the Kushfly deals and looking for more free weed?

The weed delivery companies focus on giving out discounts for first-time users. They know that once you are signed up, you will most likely use their service again because it’s easy. Any good consumer will tell you to shop around and try a bunch of different services.




Who knows, maybe the Kushfly deals are not right for you. Luckily, WeedSuck as gathered all of those services and put them on one easy page. They all tend to deliver to the same areas, so be sure to try them all out at least once. It will save you hundreds on your medical marijuana delivery. Once you have tried them all, then you can decide if the Kushfly deals are right for you.

Skip the lines and get your weed now. With Kushfly there is no need to visit a dispensary again. Kushfly will deliver your medical marijuana to your home. Plus you get an extra 10% off your order with KushFly Promo Code SMOKE10.

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