Get your Easter Weed delivered

Happy Easter from WeedSuck: Get your Easter Weed Delivered!

Happy Easter from WeedSuck: Get your Easter Weed Delivered!

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Tired of spending time traveling to buy your marijuana? On days like Easter your time should be spent getting high with friends and eating chocolate. Let Weed Delivery work for you today and get your Easter weed delivered! Not only will it save you tons of time, but your first time using marijuana delivery will actually be cheaper than going to the store!

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WeedSuck focuses on getting customers the best deal possible on their weed and we have done just that. This Easter, try out one of the weed delivery services below and get a great deal on your medical marijuana! Trust us, it is better to spend the time with friends than sitting in traffic.


  • GreenRush– use GreenRush Promo Code HAPPY80 and get $80 off!
  • Eaze – use Eaze Promo Code link here and get $60 off!
  • Meadow – use Meadow Promo Code and get $20 off!
  • Greenly – Use Greenly Promo Code TRY-HAPPY20 and get $20 off!
  • KushFly – Use KushFly Promo Code SMOKE10 and get %10 off your order
  • Nugg – Use Nugg Promo Code HAPPY20 and get $20 off


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