Marijuana Helps: keep weed delivery legal

Marijuana Helps: Keep Weed Delivery Legal

Marijuana Helps: Keep Weed Delivery Legal

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Marijuana Helps!

Certain cities across California have sought to ban medical marijuana delivery, cutting off medical patients from an easy way to get their marijuana. This is especially devastating to cancer sufferers who are often too sick to leave their home. Its important for law makers to know that Marijuana Helps and what their decisions mean for these people.

Speak out! Eaze and a number of other Weed Delivery services are fighting back against these new rules, trying to ensure that patients who aren’t mobile can still get the relief they need. The United States is moving in the right direction with Marijuana legalization and punitive bans like these only hamper the effort. Don’t let them take weed from you again. Now is the time to speak up and ensure things keep moving forward.

What do you need to do?

Email your city council members if weed delivery has been outlawed in your city. Eaze has setup a system that will help you with the process, making it very easy to email your council member.

  1. Head to
  2. Enter your address
  3. If a banner pops up saying weed is not allowed in your city, make sure to follow the prompts to email your council member.
  4. Share the news to your friends with the hash tag #MarijuanaHelps

Check out this infographic below to see other ways Marijuana Helps.

Marijuana Helps: Keep Weed Delivery Legal

If you haven’t used Eaze before and your city does allow weed delivery. Use our Eaze Promo code link here and get $60 off, $20 for your first three orders.



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  1. I am Canadian.
    I’m pain as I type this out; I do not go one day without spinal degeneration which has moved down my sciatica and base of scull. T.H.C. is the only thing that does not damage my body and keep me sane; I speak for thousands of older people.
    I refuse the garbage the FDA an acronym that starts with ‘“f” approved crap the money hungry deviants. That eat the leftover of my organs consuming God knows what…there are a lot of old folks that get it anyway they can, and I know that the younger ones would not have the urge to-do as much something that is legal.

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