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Welcome to the WoahStork Promo Codes page. If you came for a WoahStork promo code then you are in the right place. We have the latest Woahstork promo codes available. We also provide ways for existing WoahStork users to get discounts. Read our review of the WoahStork weed delivery service. It helps explain how the Woahstork referral codes work.

WoahStork Promo Codes

We are working with WoahStork to bring you the best promo codes. Enter the WoahStork promo code HAPPY100 for 100 reward points towards your WoahStork order. Click the link below to leave Weedsuck and head to the WoahStork webpage. Claim your credits now and get yourself some free weed.

Use WoahStork Promo Code HAPPY100 for 100 Woah’s

WoahStork reward points

WoahStork doesn’t focus on cash back incentives like other weed delivery services. (Eaze, Greenrush, Meadow). WoahStork focuses instead on reward points. This may not sound as good as cash, but it is actually better. The rewards points are only good for WoahStork, forcing you to use them towards that service. This means WoahStork can actually give you more rewards points. WoahStork knows you will be using their reward points to purchase weed through them.

Use our Woahstark referral code HAPPY100 and see how much free weed 100 WoahStark reward points can get you!

Use WoahStork Promo Code HAPPY100 to get 100Woahs

WoahStork promo code for existing users

WoahStork reward points :Woahs

WoahStork is using a reward points system to give their users incentives. They call them WoahStork reward points or Woahs . Everything you do on the site can earn you these Woahs. Review the weed you just purchased and earn Woahs, it’s that easy. This gives existing users a way to earn more discounts on their Woahstork weed delivery. The more Woahs you earn, the more free weed you get. Start now with our WoahStork Promo Codes. Use HAPPY100 to get 100 Woah’s right away!

Earn Woahs for reviewing

WoahStork is a new weed delivery service and they know it. Currently they are building a large customer base and online community. They are achiving this by using Woahs to have people review on their site. Its a win-win for both sides. The customer gets Woahs for writing a review on the weed and dispensary. Woahstork gets good feedback and an active, growing community. It is better than a one time use woahstork promo code for existing users.

Earn Woahs for buying

WoahStork rewards you most of all for actually purchasing medical marijuana. They give you Prestige for trying new strains and placing a large amount of orders. Prestige is also earned from reviewing your purchase and dispensaries. All the WoahStork prestige goes towards your woahstork rank. The higher your rank, the more Woahs you earn and the more free weed you can get. This is a great way for WoahStork to get customers to use their service.

The ranking system will also qualify you for invitations to exclusive events. Who doesn’t like going to free weed events? WoahStork is doing everything right with their Woah ranking system. The Weedsuck team looks forward to meeting you at one of WoahStork’s parties. Hopefully our WoahStork Promo Codes like HAPPY100 will have saved you some money!

WoahStork review

WoahStork is a new weed delivery service in California. They give customers an easy way to buy cannabis online for delivery or pickup. They focus on the customer, trying to help you find your perfect strain of cannabis. They have custom programming built into their app that learns as you do. It learns what type of marijuana you like and suggests other similar strains. One might call it WoahStork the google of weed delivery.

How it works

Go to WoahStork and sign up with your government id and medical marijuana license. You can feel safe knowing that woahstork is HIPAA complaint. They value your privacy and security over everything else. If you have any questions about this, ask us in the comments at the end of the Woahstork review.


Once your account is setup it is time to search for marijuana. WoahStork offers many different ways to do this.


1. Speak with the Strain genie!

I wish the strain genie had been around when I started smoking. You explain to the genie what type of high you are looking for, I prefer to laugh instead of relaxing. The genie will then guide you to the correct cannabis strain. If you hate decisions you will love the genie.

2. Search by marijuana strain.

Search for a specific strain of weed if you know what you are looking for. WoahStork will search all the dispensaries near your location. Try the strain’s flowers, concentrates, edibles and more!

3. Search by Dispensary

Have a favorite dispensary? Focus on them instead and browse their products through WoakStork’s beautiful marketplace.

Discover your weed with a strain Genie

Website design and Functionality

I wanted to point out just how beautiful WoahStork is. Their UI and design is gorgeous. The site functions well and the app is very easy to use. If for nothing else, head to WoahStork to see a beautiful site. Then go ahead and order some Marijuana.

WhoaStork Promo Codes or WoahStork Promo Codes?

We have to include this section because we know a lot of people will be searching for WhoaStork Promo Codes.The name is the only negative thing I can say about WoahStork. It may sound nice, but it is difficult to write. We are used to spelling Whoa one way. If you do a google search you can see the Woah vs Whoa debate has been going on since the 17th century!

However you spell it, we have a promo code for you. Enter our WhoaStork Promo Code HAPPY100 to get 100 Woahs.

WoahStork weed delivery areas:

Use our nifty little Weed Delivery locator tool to see if Woah Stork delivers to your zip code. While you are at it, see what other weed delivery companies deliver to your area.


They are able to deliver in Los Angeles which is rare. LA is going through a lot of back and forth as the city tries to figure out its weed delivery laws. Make sure you keep checking back often as laws change often.

WoahStork competitors

Woahstork is entering a growing market. Companies like Eaze and Greenrush have already laid a solid groundwork and user community. Eaze alone has hundreds of thousands of weed users. Each weed delivery service has its own pros and cons. Make sure to read each of our reviews and see how much money you can save with each.

Eaze button for promo codes

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Meadow button for promo codes

Get $20 off with Meadow promo Code. Click Here.

Kushfly button for promo codes

Get 10% off with Kushfly promo Code SMOKE10

Greenrush button for promo codes

Get $80 off with Greenrush Promo Code HAPPY80


Woah Stork says they are a cannabis user’s dream come true and we tend to agree. They focus on making your online weed purchase easy and it shows. We love their beautiful mobile app and gorgeous website design. It lends a clean feel to purchasing weed. We can’t wait to see how they grow in the future. Keep checking back to see if we have new WoahStork Promo Codes.

Sign up now with our Woahstork promo code HAPPY100 and get started with 100 Woahs!

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