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BuddaBox Review and Promo Codes

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Got your weed delivery taken care of? Let’s move on to what you are going to use to smoke it. Enjoy my BuddaBox review and see how the Budda can hook you up! BuddaBox is a marijuana essentials subscription box.  You sign up with their service and receive a box of marijuana gifts each month. They send tons of fun things to help you enjoy weed with your buds.

Guide to the BuddaBox

  1. Sign up and join the club
  2. Wait by your door each month as a new box arrives
  3. Tear it open and enjoy smoking with the goodies inside.

BuddaBox Review

Buddabox Contents:

For my BuddaBox review, I decided to splurge and get the 710 box for 59.00/month. The 710 Budda box incuded a guaranteed rig. I signed up and paid my money then waited!

When the 710 BuddaBox arrived I found inside:

  1. 1 iCloud 4×4 dab mat
  2. 1 iCloud dab concentrate container with 2 concentrate holders
  3. 8”water pipe
  4. Some slabs
  5. 7 different concentrates with a nice concentrate holder
  6. Ceramic nail


It wasn’t the biggest haul that I had received in the mail. In fact, I was sorta disappointed at the number of things I had received for the 59.00 price point. I actually started going through the items I realized that it was worth it.

The items were well made, especially the containers. The water pipe was well made and did hard hits. Even the ceramic nail lasted for a good amount of time before cracking.

The BuddaBox is definitely one of the more expensive weed delivery boxes, but I think it’s worth it. I will do another review with the cheaper Budda Box review and see how that one holds up.

For those of you looking for a cheaper deal. The normal Budda Box subscription is only 19.00 and includes:

  • 7-10 essentials
  • A Safe stash box
  • Free Shipping
  • Easy cancellation policy

Learn about the BuddaBox today!

The nitty gritty:

The price is a flat rate, with no hidden fees. When we ordered for our Budda Box Review it charged us exactly what we were expecting. They include shipping and taxes in the 19.00 / Month fee.

The BuddaBox Promo Codes

We are talking to BuddaBox right now to see if we can get our followers a Budda Box Promo Code. Currently, they have a BuddaBox giveaway where you can win a free BuddaBox. Click here to join the giveaway. Make sure to check out our other Weed Subscription boxes!


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  1. Once my subscription was up, they renewed it without notifying me or permission. Just took the money from my account. No where on their website does it say this will happen. Ive tried contacting them with no reply. They’ve since blocked me on their fb page for trying to let people know.

  2. Ive gotten the 6 month 420 basic box and it was well worth it. Each month was themed differently and it was pretty awsome getti. A box full of crazy pieces and sticker snd papers and all kinds of goodies. For the price you get more than you pay for here and i would most definitely recommend them to anyone thinking about buying it.

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