Foodida Promo Code

Foodida Promo Code: FOOD00635 and earn up to $20 on your first drive!

Foodida Promo Code: FOOD00635 and earn up to $20 on your first drive!

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There is nothing worse after smoking a bowl that you ordered through GreenRush or Eaze, than discovering you are out of food. Either you try to eat what is left in the empty bag of cereal, or you try to find a phone number for your local pizza joint. WeedSuck wants to fix that so we are introducing you to Foodida, the fast food ordering app. Not only that, but we are also offering you a Foodida Promo Code: FOOD00635 so you can get bonuses and discounts on your order!

We did a Foodida Review!

Foodida was practically made for stoners, an iPhone app that makes it super quick and easy to order Fast food right to your door. WeedSuck decided to review the Foodida app and give you the low down on how to get your grub on. While we were at it, we scored you a Foodida Promo Code:FOOD00635 that gets you tons of bonuses.

The Foodida app is very simple, showing you all the fast food restaurants in your area. And I do mean all of the fast food resturants! They have Taco Bell, Burger King, Pizza Hut, you name it they have it. Not only do they have all the restaurants, they also have all the items on the menu. A single press of a button and that box of chicken nuggets will be heading your way. They know who is ordering fast food at all hours of the night, and have focused their app in that direction. And I do mean all hours, Foodida delivers a lot of times that other apps won’t.  Next time you smoke up, you wont have to worry if anyone will deliver to you. It doesn’t have to be at night either, they will deliver that Starbucks for those of you who like an early morning toke.

Foodida has a separate feature that is a little exciting. They give you the option to deliver for them and earn money right away! I couldn’t believe it was real and had to test it out. I kid you not, I was literally delivering a Starbucks and earning money with almost no work involved. If you are looking to make a few extra bucks to support your smoking hobby, Foodida can help you out. Our Foodida Promo Code will also help you gain extra credits when you drive for them. Work whatever hours you want and skip the interview process!

Foodida Promo Code: FOOD00635 and get a free Carl Jr sandwhich

The weed industry isn’t the only place going on-demand, food is helping lead the way. Use GreenRush Promo Code HAPPY80 to get $80 off your order of weed, then get some tacos with Foodida Promo Code FOOD00635 and have a relaxing night in for once!


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