Current Eaze Promotions For 2016 User And Ambassador Promo Guide

Current Eaze Promotions for 2016

Current Eaze Promotions for 2016

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Eaze is the fastest- growing( Weed delivery service in the marijuana industry. Part of this is because of their aggressive ambassador program(link) and their huge promotional discounts for new users. Eaze is looking to dominate the Weed delivery industry and they will do this by offering the consumer as much free pot as they can. Check out our Current Eaze Promotions to see how much free weed you can get!

We have broken the current Eaze promotions into: Eaze promotions for new and existing users, and Eaze promotions for new and existing drivers/ambassadors. Eaze users are paid with free weed (can’t complain about that), while Eaze ambassadors are paid with money.


$20 Discount here

Take a minute to use our best Eaze promo code if you haven’t already. Learn how easy getting medical marijuana can be when a friendly Eaze driver delivers your weed at the press of a button. You might be sold enough that you become an Eaze ambassador yourself, promoting the service to others.

Get an Eaze Promo Code worth $60 off!

New users earn $20 in free weed with Eaze Promo Code link here, and ambassadors/drivers can earn hundreds or thousands of dollars with Eaze Ambassador Code which also happens to also be located here.




The promotions that Eaze is offering to new and existing ambassadors are too good to pass up. Eaze is trying to dominate the Weed delivery market, so they are trying to incentivise Eaze users and Eaze promoters. New Eaze users and the ambassadors both win when they work together. The ambassador gets a moderate cash bonus per new user while the new user gets a sizeable discount on their weed purchase. (Your first order could almost be free)


Eaze knows that it’s best method of growing is its ambassador program. The program has grown to include a large number of Eaze ambassadors in Northern California and a second group in Southern California. They have a team of people working with these ambassadors, ensuring their happiness. Click HERE to join the growing ranks of Eaze ambassadors.

Earn Money as an Eaze Ambassador in 2016


Once you have setup an Eaze ambassador account they will give you a promo code. Use this Promo code to give new users huge discounts on their marijuana purchases. Eaze will track each time your code is used and pay you bi-monthly per new user.

Current Eaze Passenger Promotions

More focused on the weed than the money? Eaze encourages users to spread the word amongst themselves. They offer some great reasons to become ambassadors, but you don’t need to be. Regular users can also earn credit through a number of promotions that Eaze is currently running.


New Eaze users receive up to $20 free weed credit just for signing up with Eaze. Eaze is always looking for new users, and they give out as much credit as possible to grow their consumer base. They know that their service is top notch, so they are just trying to get people introduced to it.

EazeUp Weed Delivery, Get $60 off with Promo Code link

Users can refer their own friends for $35 dollars.

Eaze gives an additional way to earn more credit even after your initial $20. A promo code is associated with your account that will give you $20 dollars in credit for anyone you refer to the program. They also get $20 dollars Its a win-win for both you and your friend, who doesn’t like free pot?

Whats next?

Now that you know all about the Current Eaze promotions, go ahead and grab a promo code from above or click here to head over to Eaze. We have outlined both the user and ambassador promo codes, so the decision is up to you!