TrueFarma Promo Code

TrueFarma Promo Code: Get 25% off with our link!

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TrueFarma is an online marketplace for medicinal cannabis products. Get 25% off your first order when you visit through the TrueFarma promo code: IEG62L

TrueFarma Promo Code

TrueFarma has a pretty stellar first-timer offer available right now. Get 25% off your first order when you use the code IEG62L

TrueFarma Promo Code: Get 25% off with our link!

Be sure to order as much as you can on that first order because it’s the only time you’ll get 25% off (I think). So if you order $400 worth of medicinal cannabis, you’ll get $100 off. No joke!

Great Items Available on TrueFarma

TrueFarma basically offers the entire range of products for your needs—if you need tinctures, they got that. If you need a topical, they have that. Edibles, you got it. They even have suppositories!

And if your pet is also having issues with pain or anxiety, they offer a range of pet treats that should help your pet feel better.

How is it Shipped?

TrueFarma is pretty neat in that it ships through the mail. So if you’re in too much pain to go out and purchase your medical products, or if you’re just lazy, you’re all set with TrueFarma. They ship to you!

Granted, it currently only ships to California—but that should hopefully be changing as new laws are passed.

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