Best Weed Delivery in California

Best Weed Delivery in California, + $150 in discounts

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There are currently a ton of companies now that will deliver you weed, on demand in California. We actually like them all, so it’s hard to state the absolute best weed delivery place—but these ones are all AWESOME (and have really good discounts).

Note: NOt all of them deliver to all zip codes. So we actually recommend you use the Zip Locator here (or below) to figure out which deals are available to you.

Uber for Weed - Delivery Locator


Best Weed Delivery Places (in no particular order)

Here is our complete list of the weed delivery places, including all their available discounts!




If you happen to know of somewhere we missed, or have another awesome coupon to share—post it in the comments, or contact us.

Prefer to Have your Weed Delivered by Mail?

If you don’t need your weed delivered on demand, and would prefer to come home from work to find a package of goodies waiting for you, that’s also an option. We adore True Farma for most of our delivery by mail needs (link here includes a 25% discount).

You can also get a weed subscription service to send you something every week or month. Club M offers a really awesome discount code here, and will send actual cannabis products. Places like Daily High Club or Puffer Box just send accessories, but are also really cool and fun.

Best Weed Delivery in California, + $150 in discounts

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