Club M Coupon Code

Club M Coupon Code: Get a discount on your cannabis subscription box

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Club M is a really unique monthly cannabis subscription box. Plus, you can get a discount on your first month with the Club M Coupon Code located here.

Club M Coupon Code

Club M offers a discount on your first box when you use the discount link located here.

Club M Coupon Code: Get a discount on your cannabis subscription box

It works through their affiliate program, which you can also join to spread the word and earn at a later point.

What is Club M?

Club M will actually deliver a box of cannabis products to you every month, for $97 each month. These aren’t just smoking accessories—they send actual cannabis. Usually it’s a great variety of different types—flowers, edibles, concentrates and more.

The packaging is what really sets them apart from anything. Of course you could go to the dispensary and purchase some of these goods, but Club M delivers it to you in a magical secretive box. It’s like a happy surprise every month—and one that introduces you to products you may never have tried before.

Places like Club M

I think the closest of the places like Club M is called PotBox. They also send a monthly box of cannabis products. The cost is $150, and it’s usually only flowers. But you can customize it really well, to be only sativa, only indica, or a hybrid. You can also select exactly how often you want to receive it (every week, every two months, whatever), or can get one immediately, on demand. Currently they only deliver in LA and SF though.

We know of some other boxes that ship cannabis accessories, but not cannabis itself. We’ll be sharing a list of these companies in an upcoming post, so stay tuned (or share your own in the comments)!

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