Best Eaze Promo Codes

Best Eaze Promo Codes For Existing Users!

Best Eaze Promo Codes For Existing Users!

Eaze Promo Codes

Eaze offers on-demand delivery of cannabis products. Currently you can get $20 off your first order at Eaze by visiting the link below:

Button above takes you to an Eaze landing page where you have to enter your zip code and email to automatically apply the discount.

Other Weed Delivery Services with Promos

To get up to $200 in discounts you can start by finding the promo codes available in your exact zip code. There are over $200 in free credits depending on your location. Check it out below:

Uber for Weed - Delivery Locator


Try These Weed Delivery Services


Great weed prices. Get $20 off your first order. Click here to signup and receive the $20 credits. Visit


Get $20 off your first order. Use coupon: TOPDOWN. Visit

We have other recommendations if you use the zip locator above or on this page.

Other Ways to Earn Eaze Credits

Eaze loves its loyal customers and wants to keep them happy. There are still a large number of ways to acquire Eaze credit. In fact, it is very possible to earn way more than the initial $60 if you follow the steps I show below. All you need is a bit a patience and some clever ideas and you will be sitting in all the free weed you could ever want. If that sounds great to you, Read on!

Invite Your Friends

This is the best way to keep getting that free weed! If you can signup your friends both them and you will profit. They get a free eight for signing up and you receive $20 dollars in eaze credit. If you look at the Invite Friends section of your Eaze Dashboard, they will supply you with a code for your friends to use. It’s that simple! The more friends you refer to Eaze, the more Eaze credit you will receive. There are no codes for existing users, but that doesn’t stop you gaining Free Eaze credits!

How it Works

Earning free bud is basically just you getting the word out about Eaze and bringing in new users. Luckily Eaze makes it very “eazy” by giving your friend a free eighth just for signing up! Then you get $20 eaze credit just for signing them up. Just make sure they have never used Eaze before, otherwise it won’t work.

If this is a friend you are going to be smoking with, get then to sign up with Eaze Promo code link here and they will get $20 of Eaze credit. That way you actually get more value for your buck. Check our math! An eighth is 35, plus the bonus you get is $20 eaze credit which only totals $55, a fiver short of the $60 you will get with our code.

Refer your friends to Eaze and get Free Weed!

Where to find your Referral Code

Each Eaze users will be given their own referral code when they sign up. To find it, log into your eaze account on the Eaze website. In the top right of the website one of the selections in the menu is called “Invite Friends”. Click on that and it will bring you to a new page where your referral code will be. You can invite your friends through facebook, email or just word of mouth.

For every friend you have that uses your code you get $20 in eaze credits so make sure to pass it out to as many people as you can. Or if you will be smoking with the person, make sure they use this code so you both can get the most weed for your money.

Another Idea

If you have already used your free Eaze credit, then why not head over to a friends house who you know hasn’t. Have him sign up for a new Eaze account and enter the Eaze Promo Code link here (that will get him $20 of free Weed). That way you don’t need any Eaze Promo Codes for existing users —you can use new customer credits! Then order pizza and kick it at his place, how can he not let you smoke his pot when you were the one who hooked him up with it in the first place.

Eaze makes it super simple to sign up for an account so walking your friend through it is very quick. Once you have finished smoking his free weed, then head over to another friends house and repeat the process. You should be able to do this quite a few times before you run out of friends/ free weed promo codes.

Stick that in your pipe and smoke it!

More about the Eaze Coupon Code

If you are interested in learning more about Eaze, head over to our Eaze Delivery Articles section of WeedSuck to find articles about Weed delivery, Eaze, Greenrush and more. Don’t forget to check out all of our promo codes to see if you have missed any free weed!

Still have questions? Check out the Eaze for answers to common questions, or reach out to Eaze directly.

And don’t forget to get $20 off your first order at Eaze by visiting the link below:

Button above takes you to an Eaze landing page where you have to enter your zip code and email to automatically apply the discount.

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