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Eaze Weed Delivery is the easiest way to have your medical marijuana delivered. Why drive to the dispensary when you can have the weed delivered for almost the same price! Read our Eaze reviews and see how “eazy” it was to have marijuana delivered!

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My Eaze Reviews

Eaze’s website is clean and simple. When I first open the page I am greeted by a search box where I can enter my address. All weed delivery companies need to know your location to see if they can deliver to you. (I have created a weed delivery zip code locator that combines all the companies into one.)


I entered my zip 94105 and Eaze immediately loaded the marijuana available in that area. Unlike the other weed delivery companies, Eaze didn’t show me a bunch of dispensaries. I saw a list of marijuana products, their prices, and a short description. I tend to find the long list of dispensaries a bit overwhelming. Having one list of marijuana products was actually quite nice.

For the sake of our Eaze reviews, I decided to choose a variety of different weed products. I wanted to see if the variety would cause any issue with the delivery. I added some flowers, some edibles, and a Platinum OG. I clicked the checkout button and saw I needed to sign up for a new account.

Eaze Prices:

I went through the process of signing up, verifying my mobile number. Eaze requires a medical marijuana card as part of the signup process. The card tells law officials that you need marijuana for some medical issue. Anyone who has been to Venice Beach knows that that medical issue can be a sore foot. I already have a medical marijuana card. I decided to go through the process of getting a one for our Eaze Reviews.

Eaze Md: Learn how easy it is to get a medical marijuana card online.

EazeMD : Getting my Medical Marijuana Card with Eaze.

I went to Eaze.MD to get my medical marijuana card. I paid over $100 in Venice to get my weed card a while ago. Eaze offers a $30 medical marijuana card, which is the best deal I have ever seen. Plus you can do the doctor meeting from the comfort of your own couch.

The process of getting my card was super easy. There were a few questionnaires that I had to fill out, typical doctor stuff. joined a waiting line until a doctor freed up. I was number 4 in line, but I only ended up waiting 9 minutes. Then I was talking to the doctor, a nice guy who seemed genuinely interested in my problems. The talk took a total of 5 minutes and then it was over. I could now order weed through Eaze, and my card would be coming in the mail in a week.

There is no reason to get your medical marijuana card in person anymore. Eaze has made it so easy and cheap. I finished setting up my account and I was set! I was ready to pay for my marijuana and have it delivered.

Eaze Checkout

Eaze has the easiest and most secure looking checkout I have seen. I felt confident entering my payment details. Make sure you have created the account using one of our Eaze promo codes or you won’t get the $20 discount They offer this huge Eaze promo code because they know people will continue using the service.

Try out Eaze!

Make sure to use our Eaze Promo Code

I double checked that everything was correct and pressed order. I started my timer and waited to see how long it would take. To my surprise, the Eaze delivery guy showed up in 19 minutes. This was by far the fastest weed delivery I had ever experienced. It is faster than a lot of the meals I have delivered!

I found out from the driver that this was because Eaze hires its own drivers. Other weed delivery companies such as GreenRush and Meadow rely on dispensaries for delivery. Eaze knows time is important, so they have their own fleet of drivers.

My Eaze Experience

The entire Eaze ordering experience took under an hour. That included signing up for an account and ordering a new medical marijuana card. Going to a dispensary and a doctor for a recommendation could have taken a half of a day in person. For our Eaze Reviews, I tried a second weed order. That ended up taking 23 minutes total! Eaze has made medical marijuana ordering Easy.

The cost of Weed is a little bit higher, but not by much. If you take into account how much time you save then it is a good deal. Add to that the Eaze Promo Code which gives new users $20 and it starts to look appealing. They are trying to dominate the weed delivery industry and it shows.

In fact, the only negative I could find about Eaze is their delivery areas. Eaze is one of the most limited weed delivery services. They only service the big cities such as Los Angeles and San Francisco. It is important to check my zip code locator first to see if they even deliver to you.

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  1. They seem ok, unless you have a problem with your order. Probably take about a week to get back to you. Then you’ll get “credits” if you then try to use the credits, and their servers crash or something, you’ll wait two hours and they will charge your card and just never show up. Which is called stealing by the way. Any way, good luck with that, I’ll be going back to the club.

  2. I’m so impressed with these amazing people! Top shelf offerings and fast delivery. Highly recommended! Here’s a special gift of * FREE $10 CREDIT* ~ Click this link

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