Irie CBD Hemp Oil Review

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We have recently been getting into the Irie Hemp oil for the calming effects and Omega-3 fatty acids. For those of you who don’t only smoke marijuana, but love all aspects of this magic plant. For this Irie CBD hemp oil review we try out this new product just for you. This is the first of many hemp oil reviews so make sure to keep checking back!

My Irie CBD Hemp Oil Review: Get 20% off your order

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My Irie CBD Hemp Oil Review

The Hemp oil packaging:

I love getting things in the mail so packaging is a big thing for me. It was nicely wrapped and came in a glass container which is a big win for me. Whenever I receive oils or vape solutions in plastic it just feels cheap.

The Hemp Oil details:

Irie does a great job when they make this hemp seed oil. They use advanced extraction techniques to get the purest CBD hemp extract. This helps maintain the naturally occurring terpenes, essential fatty acids, constituents, and phytochemicals. I am all about organic, so the less processing the better for me. They also add Monk fruit which gives the tincture a sweetish flavor.

On top of their advanced extraction, they make sure to have each batch lab tested. It is sorta cool that you can see the lab test results on their site! Marijuana is still a bit like the wild west right now, so any regulations like this are promising to see. Here is the exact listing from their site.

Full Entourage CBD Hemp Extract
Organic Non-GMO Hemp
All Natural Ingredients
Terpene Rich
Lab Tested and Verified
Safety Sealed
Organic CBD Hemp Extract, Virgin Organic Hemp Seed Oil, Organic Vitamin E Oil, Organic Monk Fruit Extract

Supplement Facts:
Bottle Size: 1 fl oz or 30 ml
Serving Size: As a natural supplement, take 1–2 drops per 10 pounds body weight daily.

Irie Hemp Oil Promo Codes

I think the price for Irie Hemp oil is already a good deal at $60 for the basic oil. Luckily for you, Irie has a discount that makes it an even better deal. Click this link and use the code IRIE20 to get 20% off your entire order!

My impression during my Irie CBD Hemp Oil Review

I have been impressed with Irie’s Hemp oil. It has a noticeable calming effect and actually gives me some pain relief when I have a sore back. I like the taste of the added monk fruit, but some people might not enjoy the added sweetness. If you have any trouble sleeping or want to relax without the drug effects of marijuana, then try this oil. It has no side effects and works well. Two thumbs up!

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  1. I purchased the Irie Dab CDB a couple weeks ago for use in a vape pen. I found it has a calming effect without any head high. I suffer from chronic pain and hoped that the CDB would help me reduce the use of prescription pain meds. Unfortunately it has little to no effect on my pain. Overall it’s a pure product it just didn’t meet my needs, but everyone is different.

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